Xrns Reader For Php

Hi Guys,

Did some playing around in PHP last night, and got a XRNS reader happening in a pretty short amount of time. Thus far it only reads the info in .

I figured someone in here might find it handy.

CODE is here:

Unfortunately, my hosting provider doesn’t have “ZipArchive” support so I can’t show you a live demo. It works on my windows machine with XAMPP (http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp-windows.html).

They are the same thing. Should work. Fingers and toes crossed :P (Oh, and PHP5 only)

Awesome job Mick

That kicks ass… I can just imagine the many different queries you could do if this info was stored in a database :D

A different way of cooping…:using a Composer CVS :D

heh… we could produce queries to see which artists use which VSTs… could even make a website that stores songs as uncompressed data so you can search through all the samples… I think I might bring this up to m0d from modarchive and see what he thinks :P

omgooze! … thats what i was thinking 'bout and actualy almost started by myself. jood job so far :P, lovely song format … yea … i ll type some words later on since im new here. (GJ me lol) ;)