Xrns Screensaver

Just found this one back on my HD. Rested there for nearly a year. :)

It’s a very simple screensaver showing a white bouncing Renoise logo on a black background. Only for real Renoise geeks.


yay !

oh crap that means i’m a geek :rolleyes:

Dear BeatSlaughter,

This screensaver needs a beat slicer.

Best Regards,

Erhm what about a screensaver… inside Renoise :)
That would be cool ^_^

play a non-techno song in fullscreen :rolleyes:

Hum, file wouldn’t unrar in 7-zip…

7-zip uses an outdated RAR library and doesn’t support extraction of V3 archives. You can find a free extraction utility here:


Totally forgot about this one, now I’ll have to install it on my Music Only-laptop for ultra-geekness. Thanx! :)

What a helpful description! :lol:

Wouldn’t want to have to deal with that kind of archive size!

Wonder if there’s some kind of record for biggest file ever created?

Oh… and I was expecting a screensaver that would represent XRNS song data visually… how disappointing :P

i miss nibbles and a stars-bouncing ball screen. :D ft2xx!

Or just a great visual of the Renoise logo, 3d like… to express the power of this program :yeah:

Sorry, no updates for this one besides fixing bugs… if any. ;)

yes, 3D expresses power much better than 2D.