Xrns To Adobe Flash Swf!

This is my first post here, so hello everyone! I suddenly came to an idea that, we could dynamicly load XML in Actionscript, so why not load XRNS file??

I googled out some guys trying to build a MIDI remixer/synth using Flash:


and a lot of other ‘audio Flash’ tutorials here:

I think it would be SUPER cool if XRNS could export to SWF format/Web pages.

Good luck implementing the whole Renoise soundcore in ActionScript. :)

But generally implementing basic playback is probably possible. Not sure how good flash plays with ZIP and FLAC though.

This might be good for visuals …

I just have the idea, I am Actionscript & Renoise n00b.

flash could not handle zip, but it could deal with XML :slight_smile:

One way you could use it, is to render the actual track to MP3, but use the renoise XML for timing effects. Only the XML from inside the xrns file. That would work and be fun for visuals if you are into demoing in Flash. :)

Let us know if you can get anything good done. :D

(XRNS file is really a .zip file, the XML is inside there. The format is really self explanatory but there are also full format specs available somewhere on this site)

Now opensource MOD player in Flash is out!


Now that’s something, an actual working MOD player in flash…
A while back, it was impossible to achieve that kind of timing precision in actionscript. I guess it has improved a lot :slight_smile:

It proves that your idea of a xrns player can be realized, est, at least theoretically. But I would mostly see such a thing as a cool addition to any thirdparty xrns tool (stuff like preview for note generators, etc.), sound quality would simply suffer too much, with the entire DSP effect part left out, missing sample interpolation and all.