Xrns To Mod

Hi all, I’m interested on developing a xrns to mod util, writed on .NET.

For this purpose, I would like to use the NRenoiseTool classes and other classes for reading mod that I caught somewhere on internet.

I wonder if alx, the author of NRenoiseTool could hallow me to use his source.

Thanks in advance ! :)

As much I can read from the page, it’s published under GPL, you may use it on these terms without asking any permission. This BTW also means that you project must be under GPL.

Here we are,
I finished to work on a xrns to mod converter tool based on renoise 2.0.0 module schema.

What it does, basically, is to transcribe patterns, sequences, notes, sample number, and some effects from xrns to a mod compatible file.

There are some stuffs to know:

  • there can be a lot of bugs on this tool, I have’nt tested so much

  • .mod format is really old, so obviously it’s pretty impossible to mantain a true conversion keeping all renoise features - i.e, pattern’s length is fixed to 64 lines, and the number of maximum channels allowed is 32.

  • It’s not my intention to convert samples data, therefore, the user has to manually set its samples using a mod tracker compatible software. What I can but I haven’t done yet is to copy instruments name.

  • So far, multiple columns in channel are not supported; I’m thinking to work on it soon.

  • As I said above, this tool only works for renoise 2.0.0. Anyway I’m just planning to work on the latest model (2.5.0) so hopefully I’ll release a new version soon.

Here’s the page:

Thanks :)

(very!) nice, but…


Ok, I added license.txt and header license etxt to my files, if it’s not enough I’ll give a deeper look forward

I meant source code.


Wow, nice!

The source code is in the Zip file, look under the src dir.

New release came out.

Majors stuff are renoise 2.5.0 and multiple column support.



Seems refresh page or better clear the browser cache is needed to download the file correctly

whoa sorry… :wacko:

Multicolumn? did MOD had that?

Yep :)

Hi all. I tried to get to the website with the converter code, but it is marked as “archived” and unavailable. Where can I find a download of the latest source and executable?


There is: https://archive.codeplex.com/?p=xrns2xmod and https://github.com/fstarred/xrns2xmod


As reported by 4tey, the GitHub link is currently the up to date repository