Xrns2Xmod converter MAC probs..

Hey folks!

I’m runnin renoise 2.8 on OSX and I don’t quite understand how to use this. I have installed the tool and I also have the Mono framework installed. When I open the tool in renoise I am asked to locate it. What exactly do I need to locate? I have tried browsing the folder which came with the tool but it all seems like windows to me. And also everything is greyed out. Can anybody tell me how to use this on OSX?

That would be great!!


Honestly I have tried the tool only under windows.

Anyway it’s not the most important thing to locate the binary from the tool, because you can even use xrna2xmodcmd.exe or XRns2xmodUI.exe to convert your file (using Mono) and use the tool helper to put the right effect value according to your currently module tick.

Look at this tutorial that show you some hints