Xrrs And Going From 32 Bit To 64

I’m not that tech savvy so sorry if this isn’t best question to ask buuuuut, I’m upgrading to a 64 bit system soon so will I still be able to open xrns files made on a 32 bit computer? My guess is, totally 100% yes, but I still wanna make sure.

Sure. The only downside is 32 bit plugins will be run in a sandbox so they can’t communicate with each other.

Renoise 64 bit changed tracker history forever

What can’t communicate with what?

Some plugins won’t work like the sidekick sidechain compressor plugin. Also expect it to take more memory. But other than that everything should work. You don’t have to use 64bit version of Renoise though, you can install the 32bit version too. Or even keep them both installed.

Also keep in mind that Renoise 32-bit running on a 64-bit system can still actually load 64-bit plugins in bridged/sandboxed form. This is great if you still use mostly 32-bit plugins, and only want to take advantage of the occasional 64-bit plugin.

Bottom line: A 64-bit system will be better overall and offer you more flexibility in how you work with Renoise, no matter if you use Renoise 32-bit or 64-bit.

Some 64bit plugins also have a different filename than their 32bit version. If you have only the 64bit one installed but not the 32bit one, then Renoise will report a missing plugin for those cases. Renoise doesn’t care for the actual plugin ID but uses the filename instead to identify a plugin. If you happen to run into such problem, then you can use a small script i have written to update the plugin filename inside the song and fix it.


Aiiight great. Thank you all for you help!