Xrules realtime automation

Hi all,

I am using Xrules to record realtime automation from on a midi CC. Xrules works as expected except for these small jumps in the envelope:


Why does this happen? Is it expected or can it be fixed somehow?

Thanks a lot

I do not know in depth this tool. I guess it use notifiers to make the changes. Notifiers are not real-time, have a small delay, or may have a small margin of error, they are instantaneous. This can happen if the playback speed of the song when you are recording is very high (the notifier does not give you time to resolve the change).

More than a mistake, it’s going very fast. Maybe that happens to you?

Can you do a test with a much slower speed, and check if it happens?

Another possible cause is the lack of precision of the MIDI device, whose hardware does not accurately emit the CC messages. This usually occurs in faders and knobs on poor quality hardware (economical products). What hardware (MIDI controller) are you using?

Thanks for your reply, this example is actually recorded using low bpm on purpose.
The controller is a Blofeld, I will try on another device but I don’t think that’s the issue…

Try another knob. The tool records the points, and that information is sent by the MIDI controller. It is as if the knob does not work with total precision. It is only an assumption.

It is possible that a knob is a little damaged (dirty), not very precise.

I think I found it. It is interfering with the midi mapping function.

In order for it to work we need to deselect the option of recording to automation in the midi mapping menu.


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