Dunno if this is a pisstake :slight_smile: , but if you’re going to paulstretch, or Bieberfy as it is now known, an audiofile and present it as a piece, please for the sake of artistry do more with it!

i did cut it into half tho… ;) … it was a fun experiment either way, did actually make something custom for it to stretch… but it could be shorter i guess. and yes i was also seeing if i could get away with it… you busted me… :D

I really wonder… could it sell?

Like you simply pick a ton of records, bieberstretch and sell 'em at fairly low prices on an entire new netlabel?

I do keep in mind that the chances of people buying music is very low, and the chance of someone speeding it up and/or recognizing the songs is fairly high since half the internet knows of “this technique” already…

try it :D … using your own music is probably more handy and like… artistic.

True, and it won’t get you in legal issues. :P

alright had to take this down since it actually has a commercial license now… ^_^