XXXmas Breakcore Brostep Slackilation

[i]Last time I tried this shit, I made the mistake of promising a compilation. I said I’d never do a holiday themed compilation again. I didn’t lie… this is a slackilation. This means I’m not doing shit other than posting the idea here. If someone else wants to compile the results into a compilation, they can damned-well spend their holiday season doing it.

Here’s the result of the last attempt, minus the brostep: … aside from the bitching, I think it went great. [/i]


Brostep + Breakcore + Christmas + Porn = Win
:yeah: :drummer: :drummer: :panic: :w00t: :walkman: B)

Submit by: When-the-#$@&*!-ever-before-Christmas-or-something (deadline got destroyed), link your rendered songs on this thread, soundcloud or otherwise

Winners: Everyone who listens to the results of this will be the winner.

Yes, that’s right. The challenge is to make some breakcore/brostep (wait, is that even possible?) that sounds christmassy and porny all at the same time.

Note: This is a chance for all you breakcore and brostep naysayers to show us just how easy it is to make breakcore and/or brostep… hell, if it’s so damned easy, throw both genres into the same track. I DARE YOU. (Fine… you can sample other tracks if you’re really that chicken… I just wanna hear face melting drops and ear-shredding machine-gun speed amens)

OH… I almost forgot:
NO JINGLE BELLS (The song I mean… jingley bell samples are allowed)

Prediction: Nobody’s crazy enough to actually try this out.

I need some clarification on the rules.

What the fuck is brostep?

Brostep is the standard colloquialism for “dubstep” that focuses on nasty distorted midrange bass. Think Skrillex/Rusko/Datsik/etc. You know, the stuff everyone hates.

Oh, ok, so it’s like the edm equivalent of mallcore?


I will support this without bitching this time around.

No Christmas songs at all? i am pretty curious how Jingle Bells in Brostep sounds… (Gives me something to guide my Christmas wishes this year)

I meant that one Christmas song in particular…

but FINE… but you get first dibs on Jingle Bells, and nobody else can do that tune.

But yes, remixes and covers of Christmas carols are allowed ;)

Ah, deadline got destroyed? That’s nice.
But as the kids say, “I wish it was Christmas all year round”

A little like this

Is post-frostbitten aquacrunkcore allowed?


Does it have crazy chopped breakbeats and distorted midrange bass?

Okay I’m in.

roll drum
Santapr0n Outdoor Farmcore


… and the xrns for the previous track is :

kurtz can i use one of the samples from this xrns?

of course man, samples are free for all

tnx :D