Xxxmas Breakcore Compo

Breakcore + Christmas + Porn = Win
:yeah: :drummer: :drummer: :panic: :w00t: :walkman: B)

Submit by: December 24th, 2008 (deadline got moved), link me via PM or email to

Winners: Everyone will end up on a special XXXMas Breakcore compilation, to be released in the 25th of December, 2008!

Note: This is a chance for all you breakcore naysayers to show us just how easy it is to make breakcore.

OH… I almost forgot:
NO JINGLE BELLS (The song I mean… jingley bell samples are allowed)


can i have some suitable samples

So yah… just added a rule. No melodies from the song jingle bells. This is because if I don’t add that rule, everyone will do it, and the resulting compilation will end up being repetitive.

Low-fi orgasm/sex sounds.…rgasms+lo-fi%2F

Keep in mind, the song MUST have a christmas theme as well!!!

I personally don’t care where you get the samples from. Have fun. It’s the holidays… there’s sampling opportunities all over the place ;)

im in :yeah:

Yeah but you did say Pr0n as well. ;)

Did download a Christmas sample pack a year or two ago but can’t find it (online) now. I might still have it on my computer somewhere… It was pretty poor to be honest but if I can find it I’ll put it up somewhere. Have an inkling it actually came from here but not sure…

Yes. It must have both.

Awesome just the other day was thinking of doing a gabba/breakcore christmas tune

updated thread with email address for those that don’t have hosting

Haha there’s no love for breakcore on these forums :P

empflix and an audo-capture utility for quick porn sampling, depending on whether you pause for masturbation.

im gonna start on my track tommorow,already have some ideas :drummer:


I really like the compo idea and really want to join.
but because I own a cd store. I’m too busy at the moment with the christmas shoppings.

Next time I’ll join…

Damn Charly … that sucks… I’d love to hear what you could pull off for such a compo. How about you do it after the fact anyway, just for me? Pretty please? :P

I could take the song “All I want for christmas”
chop it up with the effectrix, add a gabba-kick, add distortion on the master.
and render it totaly clipped.

after all it’s a “Breakcore” compo :lol:

damn i am feeling alot inspired by ATR,i been listening to them ALOT lately :drummer:

Any format e.g. mp3 or .xrns ?