XyluX Mechanized-Milkshake

New Industrial track. Featuring vocal samples from “There Will Be Blood”


Hope you enjoy, any feedback would be appreciated.

At first, all I could hear was the laser-wielding robotic arms of some automated factory. Then, I focused on the tonal foundations and could better understand the track.

The samples sound great. “They should have put you in a glass jar”, is my favourite quote in the movie. That milkshake money-shot sample, soloed in all its glory, sounds awesome.

I also like your choice of samples. :slight_smile:

The rhythm seems to slowly poke it’s head out from beneath a wall of harsh noise, whilst the kickdrum is not as dominant as in your other tracks I have heard, I think it works in a way that make the track seem as if it is breathing. The vocal samples add an interesting element and as also from all that I have heard so far, nice and textural.

Thanks for the feedback!

After you guys told me the noise was a bit loud and drums sounding a bit buried I took another look at how my buddy mastered the track. I think maybe the original sounds better? I uploaded a private link and if you got the patience tell me which of the two you prefer. Soundcloud won’t let me embed a private track, so you’ll need to copy/paste the URL.


It seems like his ‘master’ doesn’t sound as punchy, but I do like how the distortion really comes thru.

Thanks again… It’s good to have impartial ears, because it’s all bleeding together for me.

I think the premaster sounds more balanced and open, but lacks some of the intensity of the mastered version. Some parts, like the lead up to 2:45, just aren’t the same.

If I had to choose one or the other, I’d go with the mastered version.

Strong work full of wild energy which smashes everything on its way. I am wondering if you recorded some sounds or it is fully synthesized product. Maybe chain clanks or tin barrel beating?

I think the unmastered version is way better, it sounds solid and punchy while the mastered version sounds distorted, harsh and noisy. :slight_smile:

Only thing is that vocal parts seem a bit low, it’s sometimes a bit hard to hear what is said.

Ya’ll hella cool!

The recognition and opinions I get here on these forums mean more than anywhere else on the web. I truly value the small amount of replies I get here. More than my RL peeps a lot of the time. You all know the struggle!

I told my friend to take another stab at mastering the track. He say’s my music isn’t the easiest to master. I won’t bore you with all the “versions” he’s been sending me. I hope in the end he can improve the track without me feeling as if I lost something.
I’d hate to have to tell him that I prefer my track without all the hard work he put into it. He did it for free and I can tell he cares quite a bit.

Once I do get a solid version of the track should I take down the original? Is there a way to replace the track in soundcloud without deleting all the <3’s and comments?

Yup, just press the pencil button and ‘replace file’