Yabridge and manjaro prob

hello i have try yabridge in the past and it work but now i’ve a new computer i install it and sync my vst but when i try to scan them with renoise ,it doesn’t work i tblock at the first plugin and a prompt appears (you’ve not realtime privileges)

thanks for your help

The error message tells you what the problem is: you need to setup realtime privileges. From the yabridge README:

On Arch and Manjaro, you will need to install the realtime-privileges package, add your user to the realtime group with sudo gpasswd -a "$USER" realtime, and then reboot.

You should read the whole yabridge README GitHub - robbert-vdh/yabridge: A modern and transparent way to use Windows VST2, VST3 and CLAP plugins on Linux

Downgrade Wine version to Wine Staging 7.20, or to upgrade to yabridge 5.0.3 by using the yabridge-bin AUR package

Some other options:

  • Downgrade your version of Wine to 7.20 if you are using yabridge 4.02 from the Arch repo; or
  • Use the latest version of yabridge, 5.03 from the Github repo that I linked above

There was a compatibility issue with versions of Wine 7.21 and above, and versions of yabridge from 5.02 and below, but those have recently been corrected with yabridge 5.03

oki i ll try tomorrow as i will not be in my house tonight

thanks :wink:

it work thanks

i do it,thanks