Fan since couple of years , some people with me ?
Oh yeah he has a new album out ,which has vocals now …DAMN some songs on it suck so HAARD ,what happened ?,
Luckily there is also the version without lyrics

I’ve been listening to his music since “Will I Dream During The Process”, I haven’t heard his new album though.

It seems like nice background music but it doesn’t really move me though…

didn’t know him, but gave it a first listen and really liked it.
but I don’t care much for the vocals either.
thx for posting

Well to each his own off course , yagya is labelled as the softer side of ’ dub techno ’
I recommend people to chech out his 2 albums
-Will I dream during the process
_‘reignin’ (islandic for rain … ;) this one is really outstanding , vv give a try really ( released on sending orbs lable …or just check you tube
His last album is really a letdown , especiialy the vocal version .
Still yagya

Those were exactly the examples that i found quite boring. the first example had a certain mood that made me interested to try a couple of his songs so i also stumbled upon those reignin series of him.
They are actually not that bad but they really lack a lot of material that makes his songs sufficient versatile for me.

If there is one Icelandic band that i really like, it is for sure Sigur Rós ;)