Yamaha HS8 Problem

one of my hs8 monitors cut out for miliseconds when I play sub heavy tunes on it loudly. it happens on this tune for example:

Since my boxes no longer have warranty is there anyone out there who knows what is the problem and how to fix it.



Good tune man

Dont have a clue about your problem but that song rocks

I can test this out when get back to my studio in about 2 weeks. I have the same speakers.

How loud is “loud”? Are the speakers clipping already? I guess the in-built limiter will just compress the signal but not totally mute it. Does it?

Is this your track? That’s great!

No the track is not mine, It is though a good case for testing my case. I believe the tune is already within the limits of digital headroom as it’s digitally published and that rules out the possibility that it’s over overdriven and it happens only on one of the bands not both of them. I wonder if anyone have some experience in repairing speakers so I can diagnose and repair it my self. by loud I mean the volume knob is on 75% or more.

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I keep mine set at 50% and then the PC volume at, say, 30% (depends). Once in a while I’ve accidentally had the PC at 100% with the monitors at 50% and it’s freakin’ loud. : )

haven’t noticed anything like that on mine. But, a youtube search on how to remove the in-built limiter in the HS8 might be something to consider doing. While you’re at it, you may as well check for a solution to your speaker’s issue.

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