Yamaha portasounds all in one vsti only 30 euros

This looks nice and not a rip off either only 30 euros.

Nice and cheesey but magical sounding.


yeah absolutely magical. always wanted a fully editable portasound and these nutters have nailed it. £30 copy of £10 hardware and its my favourite synth this year haha.
very much looking forward to the c64 emu too

Its 30 euros, so 24 pounds.

Not only one of the portasound keyboards, but all of them.

Now its a vsti its possible to automate all the parameters ( carrier, modulator etc. ).

They have all the consoles chips emulated already ( including C64 sid chip ) in their other vsti called ‘chipsounds’.

That one is 86 pounds though. Basic old school sounds, many thought 86 is too much, others say perfectly emulated so worth it.

its a bargain whatever the exchange rate

and it looks like they are doing a dedicated c64 emulator aside from chipsounds

the portafm looks to be the first in the series of new ‘chipsynth’ range - there are a bunch of logos under a chipsynth heading on the website - CSFC, CSMD, CSSFC & CS64. am thinking CS64 has got to be a sample free SID emu

tbf chipsounds sounds great already but the interface isnt quite as tactile as this new chipsynth gui

Well I suppose with renoise, for those people who cant pay for the full chipsounds, its cool to open up the demo and use plugin grabber before the time limit runs out, grabbing some sounds that are likeable.

I like those portasounds, got me a real one, PSS-280.

Bought the PSS-480 from a charity shop too but its broken, damn shame.

Those keyboards are nice…through renoise effects chains, through a guitar multi-effects pedal, but the raw sound also has a kind of cheesey magical quality.

I think with the new vsti, that really is a good price. All vsti should go for that kind of price. Its the right kind of price.

Will sell more and make more money at that price anyway. I hate when I see vsti for $199, ridiculous price.

By the way, if anyone is curious about how a YM2413 sounds, KVR did an OSC challenge using a freeware OPLL vst: https://sites.google.com/site/kvrosc/osc-99-vst2413

It’s a pretty good emulation, 32/64 bit available, gui-less and works a charm in Renoise. http://www.keijiro.tokyo/vst2413/?utm_source=recordnotfound.com

That being said, the ChipSynth PortaFM looks a lot friendlier to tweak, more power and has some nice added features. A steal for $30US for sure and I have been waiting for a demo to try it before I buy it. I contacted David at Plogue about an OPL4 emulation too. He replied they already have the core code done and “perhaps in the future”.

I’d love to see it. :slight_smile:


OPL3 ( I think that is the YM2413 ) emulators sound a lot like sonic the hedgehog on sega genesis without effects, but with effects it possible to make some cool percussion, hihats, clangy sounds etc.

VOPM is another free vsti that emulates it. You can get all the patches from sega genesis games for free too.

Another way is to use adlib tracker 2, which is free and a great tracker but it doesnt have real BPM so it might be a waste of time if looking to sample from it into renoise.