Yamaha S-YXG50 Portable VSTi


Does anyone know how to operate this VSTi on Renoise? I managed to get it running on Linux through Carla rack, but I have no idea how to program it to change instruments with MIDI commands. It does receive the MIDI commands and does something, but that’s not very helpful. If you know any additional resources regarding this plugin, feel free to post.


Well, I kinda got someting going I think :smiley:

What I did was to DL a “virtual” MiDi-cable from this site called loopMiDi

Installed it as any other program, and launced it.

Under “loopMiDi” setup tab I just hit the + sign to add one midiport (you can assign name to the port but deafult is “loopMIDI Port 1”)

Renoise setup:

  1. Load syxg50VSTplugin to ins.slot

  2. Go to Renoise MiDi tab and under “Outpud Device” select “loopMiDi port”


  1. Add Renoise “instr.MiDi Control” to your FXpanel and expand it (arrows bottom right) and add Prg-change to new slider.


  1. With Prg-Change you can now scroll through the presets


  1. I have NO idea what-so-ever on how this syxg50 should sound like, but at least something got it playing dif.instrumets.

Hope this helps…
…who knows :smiley:

— edit —

BTW it’s some info on this XG thingy here

…oh one more thing. To play the drums you have to set default channel to 10 under the “plugin” tab (MiDi drums are always routed to ch10

Thank you for the detailed instructions. I have to give it a try, although I don’t have a Windows machine so we’ll see if I can configure this kind of MIDI loopback on Jack2. I think it should be possible.

Just to be clear, can you now insert notes on the pattern matrix and when you play the pattern the s-yxg50 plays the notes like a normal VSTi plugin? And by changing the prg parameter from Instrument Midi Control device you can switch between different instruments / sounds of syxg50?

It should work similar on Linux with J2.

Jepp, the plugin works just like any other plugin.

The only way you can switch between the instruments is by change the Prg-parmeters, yes - 127 Instruments my MiDi standards (the last bulk is SFX tho)

The only constant is the drums, they can only be triggered by changing the midi-ch to 10 and you got yourself a huge Drum-set…

Well, I think I tried every combination possible with the MIDI routes and no luck so far. It might be a thing with Carla itself refusing to accept Prg parameters, maybe? I managed to get drum sounds out when I change the Renoise Plugin tab’s channel to 10, which is expected. However, no matter if I try to send Prg parameters through the Instrument Midi Control or from Renoise MIDI events tab, all I hear is the same Piano patch every time.

Just a warning for anyone else, if you mess around with the MIDI routing settings of Renoise and Jack2 you might end up freezing your system or playing infinitely loud noise that will blow your ears off.

Jack2 Routing view --^

Carla Patchbay routing view --^

Renoise MIDI tab settings --^

“Map Program changes” is not available option in the Carla setting, although “Send Bank/Program Changes” is. Not sure if this has anything to do with it.

If you under “Renoise Midi tab” settings leave all to default settings except "Output Device" which is set to your JACK MiDi port all should be fine.

Carla settings as shown in picture seems fine, where Send Bank/Program Change should reflect the right settings - unless you untick that and see if “Map Program Changes” will be available (like an override setting)

Now, try the Renoise’s own Native “Inst.MiDi.Controller” to do Prg-change I can’t see why it would not work.