Yanni - "One man's dream" cover

…so this is probably my favorite piano song ever. Tell me what you think of this version :) (i’ve been playing keyboards for a few months now)


Sounds rendered with pianoteq and zynaddsubfx.

A nice pianoplay, pretty hard to notice these are sample plugins :)

Thanks vV :D yeah pianoteq is awesome!!

…already off the first page list?? :( :( :(

Sounds excellent! I love Zyn…it sounds especially great in the background here. I wonder if it works on a Mac. I had an add-on bank that sounded phenomenal, too. BTW which Pianoteq did you buy?

This sounds like music from that Casper the Friendly Ghost movie. Still very good.

Just the basic “stage” version. I don’t really need all the advanced features of the more expensive versions, and they all sound awesome, including this one.

btw do you remember where you got that add-on bank for Zyn?