Yay Beta!!! ....*Goto Backstage*.... D'Oh, Denied!

I’m out of a job, cashless, and my Renoise licence just came to an end, so I can’t download beta… woe is me!!! xD

This is hereby the official emo thread for all those in my situation :P

I should note, I don’t want anyone paying for my license but me… this is just a venting thread ;)

For 3 minutes I was without Renoise. Those were the longest minutes of my tracking life…

damn thats a shitty situation to be in,hope your situation turns and you will be able to get renoise updated soon :yeah:

Hugs my Renoise

Let’s hope this messy economy gets back on track soon.

Anyway enjoy your time, we expect you’ll make a shitload of music with your current (pretty fawking awesome too) version! ;)

Spending most of my time looking for work tbh ;)

next time I upgrade, I’m going for the 10+, i’ve been watching currency rates just for this.

Yeah same here… And I WILL except someone gifting me a licence ;) lol


I renewed my licence yesterday to download the Beta. Still not actually even had a chance to boot it up though but that didn’t stop me parting with my hard earned cash the moment I saw it was out.

Well, hoping you’ll see better times soon is the obvious. Hope you’ll see better times soon.

But, I was thinking, do you really need to register to hack scripts? I mean, when it’s out of beta obviously. Yeah, you can’t use them on your own songs which you render, not yet, but apart from that… or am I missing something? Would be pretty harsh otherwise.

Amazing how many people got their license on version 1.5 :) Are we oldfags yet?

as far as I know, there are no plans to prevent unregistered users from using the scripts. I of course cannot 100% guarantee that this will not happen, but honestly I see no reason for it to happen


closes eyes and clicks the button

meh, im going to have to pick a load of apples in septembre to catch up on all this summer spending ^_^

but yeah… all these juicy new features !!

hehe ! i first saw what a tracker looked like watching venetian snares “vache” video… i cant believe its been 4 years allready since “cavalcade of glee and dadaist happy hardcore pom poms”

i grabbed a renoise demo that summer (2006)

then tried to download a cracked version on emule, (i was young and thoughless… mmk ?) only resulting in crashing my dads computer :lol:

so in the end i bought myself renoise 1.5 for christmas 06, best xmas present ever !!

fast forward to summer 2010, i’ve taken a break from renoise mostly due to the fact that i cant load intruments in linux, but with that problem seemingly taken care of, i can get back to composing !! yaay !! now just waiting for payment confirmation email to test some dssi plugs !!

its just a bit annoying that nobody annonced that dssi/autoseek features were coming in 2.6…


somedude - “can we has dssi now ??
dev - yes its coming in 2.6 !
somedude - omg ! i luv u !”

instead of

somedude - can we has dssi now ?
dev - maybe, sometime in the future.
somedude - gives up music/cuts veins

anyway, cheers all !

I knew linux users are bit strange… But that strange? :panic:

we work for an emo-free userbase

oops - forgot to say please ! somedude has no manners

Frankly dssi support has been announced reasonably in advance when questions came about it.
You could have followed the dev’s responses where it was stated that tests were being done with dssi.

not every time renoise is updated with a 0.1 step. people buying such kind of update would be quite unhappy by finding that they have actually bought nothing

thats a bummer, man.

I would’ve expired a little while ago if not for taking home a license upgrade for this