Have you guys sold meny copies of renoise?

I bought one!

so did i

me too :)

around when I bought mine (abt 2 1/2 years ago) it was anounced that there were 200 regged users. I am guessing this has risen significantly since then.

ROFL - If anybody who bought Renoise posts here, we will have the biggest Topic here :)

BTW: I bought, too…

me 2 :rolleyes:

guess what …

Me 3

Programms which are affordable should be bought. Unless you want to stop the development of the products.

Say it loud, I’m registered and I’m proud!

got mine from tha holy napstahhh…

after evaluating all 1029 posts in this thread, to what TV-station are you going to sell the collected statistical information?

although i didn’t buy it, i’m regged too… hope i don’t adulterate your process :)

Even my mum bought a copy.


LOL :panic:

Not yet but think I’m gonna. Wanna try audix first, as it seems to claim to be tracker based but with a lot of things renoise says it might develope like sub click timing, pattern editor and piano roll.

Got a feeling it just wont be the same though ;)

Or maybe i will end up loving and buying both :)

Also want to give energyXT a propper try. Can’t go just buying everything, even for “budget” programs.

Do want to say absolutely top work from what I’ve seen of the last few weeks playing about with it though :D

there are only two things in life i feel like i REALLY need, and that is a registered copy of renoise and a Gillette Razor. fortunately renoise doesnt charge me a lot of new money for every new update :)

renoise absolutely owns.

ps. i teach cubase at the university level here in norway. both are good apps obviously, each with its flaws… but if you want to work with samples a lot (which most of us do), nothing surpasses renoise.



i bought 2 licenses :)


15 total allready in this post… amazing ! ;)


ditto :)
No donation button…
So I guess I’ll buy another one soon B)