Yes, But Only If We Walk Forever

This is a short-play album of songs written and recorded this year over the past few months.

To Download, right-click and choose “Save Link / Target As…”

  1. yes
  2. but
  3. only
  4. if
  5. we
  6. walk
  7. forever

Hope you enjoy!

lol. k.

I like this one… When it builds up, it creates an interesting contrast between mechanic and warm.

Nice contrast between organic and mechanic… I like… in the dark!

I enjoyed this. Stylish, ambient and minimal, nice use of found sounds. I appreciated the mix as well, often pushing the more ambient sounds in front of the musical elements. Very nice.

I think I got one of your albums a few years ago, I’ll check out more of your releases now :)

Thanks for the feedback everyone! Much appreciated.