[Yes] Can Crash-Folder Be Open_Path 'D?

Hi, so I got around up to here:

-- Opens the default file browser (explorer, finder...) with the given path.  

And could conceive enough (woo!) to get this working:

renoise.app():open_path( (renoise.app().log_filename) )  

And hey presto, it worked! . However - does the API allow for accessing the string that is “default crash folder” ?

Basically what I’m getting at is this:

Yes, you can go to Renoise->Help->Show the Preferences Folder
and it’ll, for instance, pump you to
, but can this “current Preferences folder” be read from the API?

I don’t know for sure, you should be able to reach your own tools folder because you shouold be able to read and write document related stuff to files, but i don’t know for sure if you have all access rights to parent folders.
With Windows 7, regarding access rights, this should pose no problems. Don’t know how this is on Macs though.

dBlue solved all of it!.
I’ve now got a shortcut which opens up three File browsers:

  1. one with Renoise.log highlighted
  2. one with Config.xml highlighted
  3. one with CrashBackups folder.
function get_config_folder()  
 local os = os.platform()  
 local log_filename = renoise.app().log_filename  
 local config_folder = ''  
 if (os == 'WINDOWS') then  
 config_folder = string.gsub(log_filename, '\\Log.txt', '\\')  
 elseif (os == 'MACINTOSH') then  
 config_folder = string.gsub(log_filename, '/Logs/Renoise.log', '/Preferences/Renoise/V' .. renoise.RENOISE_VERSION .. '/')  
 elseif (os == 'LINUX') then  
 config_folder = string.gsub(log_filename, '/Log.txt', '/')  
 return config_folder  
function get_config_filename()  
 return get_config_folder() .. 'Config.xml'  
function get_crashbackups_folder()  
 if (os.platform() == 'WINDOWS') then  
 return get_config_folder() .. 'CrashBackups\\'  
 return get_config_folder() .. 'CrashBackups/'  
renoise.tool():add_keybinding {  
 name = "Global:Impulse:Open RenoiseLog, Config.xml and CrashBackups folder",  
 invoke = function()