Yet another Metal tune made with Renoise

Oh, I’ve been missing you guys!

Years are passing by but I’m still there chasing my very first EP. Everything changes, but not me :smiley:

I feel like I’ve never been closer to the goal before. I am so excited that I decided to share some of the demos.

Please prepare all of your critics-tomatoes and tell everything you think about the style in general and the tune in particular.

I love metal done in trackers :slight_smile: This is a nice chunky 6/8 vibe. Once it gets heavier at :49, the guitar tones sound really good.

It’s got a really nice theme, I think vocals could work nice here. The theme change near the end is nice, I think it could have worked earlier on as well to give it some variety.

Overall really nice stuff, I could definitely listen to more of this! Well done

Awesome piece.

The laid-back, quieter parts makes me think of some guy on top of a building, hair blowing in the wind, playing the guitar, being filmed with a long-zoom camera.

The heavier parts really grab me, carrying me along somewhere. I’m not sure where but it’s somewhere nice.

The alternate part at the end promises more goodness from your band.

Thank you for your support :slight_smile:
Hopefully the upcoming release will meet my expectations!

some nice part the different part flow nicely

your guitar is muddy try to cut aroud 400 Hz

push the volume of bass and drum for heavyness

great work in progress

Have listened to this multiple times now and I really like it!
Overall good sound in my environment.

I’d also like to hear this in some harder version, but don’t mind me :smiley:

Wanting vocals to accompany this track. Have you spoken to any vocalists?

Thanks for you feedback and advices!

Will try to make the sound a little more clean and punchy :slight_smile:


There’s a lot of harder stuff coming soon \m/


Currently I’m searching for a vocalist, bass player and drummer for this project. It’s right about time to rock live :smiley:

Really loved this man !

What you using for drums? those are some awesome beats !

Nice track. I personally like the rawness, but then i am sometimes prefer a raw sound in metal. No criticisms on composition, though as suggested, some careful eq may make it shine. The last riff :yeah:.