Yet Another Question...

Is it possible to humanise a beat, by using the advanced editor to random shift notes by a certain amount, like D1 or D2 etc?

unfortunately, delay values cannot be humanized directly, because the Humanize function which is in the Advanced Edit (see here and search for Humanize) does not recognize Dx as valid values, which is kind of a bug.


  • do not write anything in the panning column
  • Advanced Edit has a dropdown menu with an “humanize” entry in “Vol/Pan Effects” section. Set an humanizing range on the right of the dropdown box
  • Set “Content mask” to “panning”
  • “Apply”.

some random values will be created. Just set a D as the first digit of these values and you have done. Anyway, I will set a bug report about this.


thanks, i’ll give this a try over the weekend.