[Yips] Windows 64 Bit: Midi Yoke Unavailable?

Midi Yoke doesn’t show up in the list of available midi devices. Windows 7, 64-bit. Is this perhaps due to Renoise 64-bit?

Just googling, and I think you are right unfortunately. It seems that you can use it in Renoise 32-bit though.

Maybe it’s good to try alternatives (there are a few useful link in this midiox thread)

Thanks for the link!

First I tried virtualMIDI (http://www.tobias-erichsen.de/virtualMIDI.html) but that didn’t work either.
Then I tried LoopBe1 and it seems to be working fine so far. Too bad it only allows 1 port, but that’s fine for now.

Mods can probably mark this as nobug…unless there’s some easy way to make 64-bit Renoise work with 32-bit midi drivers, which I doubt…

I use Copperlan on Win64
It doesn’t offer 8 or 16 ports, but you have at least 4.

So using LoopBe1 with renoise has been giving me lots of midi feedback errors and I can’t figure out why. I’m gonna try out Copperlan…

So I have yet to find a solution for this…I installed 64-bit Copperlan, but Renoise just tells me “Failed to open the MME MIDI device ‘VMidi 1’!”

Any more ideas? I really want to use my monome with Renoise 2.8…

http://www.tobias-er…e/loopMIDI.html Virtual loopback MIDI cable for Windows XP up to Windows 7, 32 and 64 bit.

seems to be working pretty well for me. you can create and delete midi ports so you make sure you create one first.

You are using a quite old version.
Ports can now be freely set between 4 and 32.

Since you only see four ports, I guess that:

  • your computer is not connected to the internet (you would have been automatically proposed an update)
  • the version is so old that at the time, the internet update capability was not implemented yet.

Well, time to update? :rolleyes:

have you tried loopbe?? AFIR this was the answer for virtual midi ports in win 7 x64 when I was last working w/ win 7 x64 :)

You forgot one other option which was the case:
I didn’t checked the midi prefs and expand the ports from 4 to more ports.
Indeed in one of the first versions this was not possible but i never looked into again after updating it (I never needed more either).
I guess LoopBE has some strong competition now…

Hmm, LoopMidi, Copperlan and LoopBe are all giving me MME errors still, maybe my midi drivers are screwed up or something. I’ll try poking through the device manager and seeing if I can clean it up a bit.

Okay, I’ve discovered the problem had to do with Max/MSP accessing the midi drivers at the same time. If you open Max/MSP and Renoise at the same time, Renoise gives the “MME Error: Failed to open device” message. You have to go into the Max/MSP settings, disable all the midi drivers, connect them in Renoise, then re-enable them in Max. So far this workaround hasn’t given me any problems though it’s a bit worrying.