You have broken Renoise!

by making popup window with mixer and other stuff, that can be moved and resized, youve completely broken the easy way to work.

its just an annoying window, and you move it only , because its in the way of something,.
thats not how mixing works.

mixing is about listening with your ears, and make some analysis, what to change.
and use some time to think about it, then you change something on the mix, because you are sure what you want.

opening the mixer 100+ times and remaking something is the wrong way to mix
the window has now just become an annoying thing.

im saying, that with these new work process changes you made, its going the wrong way for renoise.

im not upgrading. i hope the crazy user interface people with all kinda “smart” ideas, get fired!

A small Word of advice: Don’t detach the window if you don’t want it detached… There is a small icon for that.

Edit: disregard this if you are trolling lol


@sidwave No problem because a person thinks differently. I think you are serious and you are not trolling.

Separating the mixer window is designed more to satisfy users who have multiple image monitors. If you only have one image monitor, maybe it is better for you not to unpin the mixer window, as @joule told you.

The mixing is not “something that works”. It is a process that you do. It is up to you how to use the available tools.

If you want to mix with your ears, stop looking at the monitor, or close your eyes. You can also stare at a cup of coffee… You can also keep looking at the image monitor, and not be distracted by the view, and focus your attention on the ears.

Do not separate the mixer window. Learn to use Renoise. Not everything is explained in detail in the instruction manual. Try to manipulate all available controls to experience how they work.

Quite the opposite. You can continue using Renoise 3.2.0 / 3.2.1 in the same way that 3.1.0 / 3.1.1. However, version 3.2.0 is better than the previous one. There is no doubt here. Think deeply about this.

You do well. Follow in an older version. If you don’t like something, you don’t have to change it. But first you have to learn how the new features work, before criticizing them like that.

What size and resolution is your only image monitor?

This comment makes no sense. Maybe you got carried away by frustration. Heal it by composing music!


Pro Tip: Buy another screen, put the mixer there and turn the screen off. :rofl:


Why there even is a mixer? That’s so lame, is this an analogue studio?


I think that, before, Renoise was perfect with this all-in-one screen. But, with all the new features that we ask, and also with the fact that, more people use 2 or more screens, and screens in 4K, all that will force Renoise to have more detached windows. Perhaps I’m wrong. I am neither prescient nor omniscient. But what I mean, is that, if some people think that floating windows are the bad, then not sure the future will suit them. Wait and see. Renoise is not broken. Renoise is evoluating.

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“How dare you add an option that I can choose to ignore! Other people might use it to do something I deem wrong!”


I’m all for the mixer detachment window. I don’t know what you’re on about there but my mixes still sound fine and I don’t have to redo anything.

That said, I do feel that Renoise is “broken” but not because of that feature.

So I’ve been demoing other software to move over to even though I’ve poured countless hours into Renoise. I suggest you do the same if it’s really as bad as you say.

What are you using instead?

Haven’t fully migrated yet, but I’m demoing Ableton, Reaper, and Studio One 4.

I’ll never be as fast as I am in Renoise with any of these, but Ableton is a good second place when it comes to my workflow and speed. The onboard plugins are great, it plays well with hardware (I mean they all do, but it’s a lot less configuration I have to do in Ableton to get things running), the GUI is good and out of the way, plus there is VST3 support, proper audio routing (for stuff like true side-chaining and not having to rely on work arounds) and I can multitrack sessions into Ableton which is great because I can just jam away.

I know Reaper and Studio One have the same features.

With Reaper, it’s super powerful and you can customize the hell out of it, but while that is a great strength, it’s also a weakness. I got lost trying to dial in Reaper 100% how I like it.

Studio One is good too. I hate having to log in to use the DAW, though. I like the inclusive layout of Studio One. Kinda reminds me of Logic 8 back in the day.

So long story long lol… I’m using Ableton more and more these days. I’m fastest in that compared to the others I’ve tried and the capabilities supersede Renoise a lot. Not to mention tons, TONS of hardware/software options that can be used in Ableton. Tons of resources too.

Will still use Renoise from time to time after I fully port over projects, and get a workflow going. I have Redux and will be using that.

I have the feeling that vst3 support and sidechaining will come to renoise soon, so you might switch back again :smile: . Did you try bitwig? More and more people are migrating from Live to Bitwig.

I tried it. Just didn’t jive well with me personally.

But I know people who use it and make awesome music with it.

Yeah I’ll never quit Renoise 100% I’ll always come back.

Just moving away form it being the main tool I use to make music.

What I want is the ability to detach individual GUI elements and regions (like note columns or the transport buttons) to be not only detachable, but able to be streamed via WebRTC or something, to any sort of device! So you can have the samples on the TV, the CPU meter on the smart watch, the instrument list on the smart phone… I think that would be awesome. But also, I am trolling.

Ok he got the attention he wanted let’s close this thread.

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This is also true for…

…in terms of software. I owned Suite, a Push2 controller and some other hardware like a Octatrack, Digitone…now i’m back with Renoise and a simple midi keyboard. The keyboard is mainly for quick sound/chord testing and i use it’s encoders/mod/pitch for parameter control. I will add VCV Rack 2 (can’t wait for the VST) as soon it will be released…that is enough stuff to play with. All the other stuff was way to much stuff for me, i don’t made music, i was only testing and fiddling. It’s all personal taste and need. I wish you a better experience with the tons of stuff.

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Yeah definitely.

Like I said, I will never quit Renoise. We’ll see what happens.


Vst version will come in January for 99€.

February 2020, but yeah!

Quote from Vortico
…save your $99 for February 2020 when orders open up.