you win !!

please vote for MIDI file in/export in wip :)

have a good day :)

hey med,

WIP idea is to make it easier to see which features are more requested :)
but if one feature is a priority, that doesn’t mean others will be disregarded.

for example, Akai/Giga import is not on that list, but this doesn’t mean it will be disregarded; it is just the opposite: it’s because it will be available during this weekend, isn’t it? :D :rolleyes:

ok ok joking…

(med: you very unfair :angry: :P )

subliminal stuff:
Local Chief
suggests you to vote for
effect API

it alien :D

i think everything in the W.I.P.-voting is usefull except record in sample-ed & effect API B)

let’s continue this very important discussion :lol:

the question was what to add first and not what to add at all ;)

i was kidding taktik :)

Med => Old habit from demo-parties ? :D :D :D