"you Write Music For Tv? Expect To Get Ripped Off!"


Publication date January 7, 2007

heh, actually, i’ve heard some jingels that made me wanna shit in my pants… cause it was FUCKING TERRIBLE !

Well… uhm… yes… actually…

How about the theme from Nightrider?

That’s funny. How about The A-team, or “The Lonely Man” theme from Incredible Hulk, Happy Days, Small Wonder, Charles in Charge, Who’s the Boss, The Golden Girls, Growing Pains…
come to think of it, half of those we’re probably created on psychedelics or lines of coke, given the era they were created in.

That’s a shared romantic notion I think

I doubt much has changed for most artists we like…

druqs = drug use afterall ;)

TV ads usually make me want to rip my own eyeballs out, but you do see the odd one with decent music:



Nice. Thank for sharing. Got me motivated to look up one commercial that left a sonic memory. I liked how the sound design crept into the beat. Looked for the song but found out it was specifically made for a Stoli (vodka) commercial.

Stoli Vodka commercial > http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=2Nc-2EnCN0o
music made by “Human” > http://www.humanworldwide.com/Flash/index.html

Hummer “Vertigo” commercial > http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=YsmUu4nEv6Y
music made by Midwest Product, “Swamp” > http://www.myspace.com/midwestproduct

Edit: added links

Well said.

boards of canada are usually on bmw adverts which is pretty cool youtube and Im sure rue the whirl is on one other advert of theirs also i know this isnt tv but have you heard the music on the pixel junk moster games by Otograph and the one in the new eden game (can’t remember the artist) but it is awesome

I’m sure everybody also remembers the Aphex Twin tunage
for that Nike commercial. And currently Noisia’s track on a
Heineken commercial. Badass actually :D

No shit…? Which one?

Hmmmmm , wasn’t it for that tire company …sperreli …farelli or something ?..that guy running over the ocean …upwards the statue of liberty etc …nice song ( caustic window)

Ugh yeah, you’re right… Pirelli commercial it was…

Kaneel: what troll always works? Gnossienne is a series of piano pieces by Erik Satie…?