You'll Think Im Stupid But Trying To Find....

Im looking for a vst which will let me alter the pitch of a sample (i.e vocal) obviously i dont wanna change the spped, at the moment i can only lower the pitch with MDA RE-Psycho plugin, anyone know of one that will raise the pitch?.. Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place… ;)

I only know the RBC voice tweaker which is a DX-plugIn, though. So if you use one of those DX-to-VST-converters it might work.

note: RBS Voice Tweaker works like a vocoder -> it modulates the sound. So you can feed it with only one frequency at the same time (e.g. singing). If you try to pitch a chord or a source with more notes appearing simultanously (e.g. a choir), then Voice Tweaker can’t modulate it.

oh, how do u use that?..

Which one now? :)

What Bantai suggested “Timestretch, pitch up, reduce time” are functions of general sound editors like SoundForge or Cool Edit (now known as Adobe Audition) .

It works like this: You load a sample and pre-edit it, then you load it in Renoise again (you probably knew that though ;) ).

I’d suggest you to use Adobe Audition instead of Sound Forge for this one function. It simply has got a better accuracy. For every other function use Sound Forge! :)
The best thing you could use for timestretching (which is indeed the same like pitch-raising and keeping the sample-length) is Timefactory. Though I didn’t use it by now, people consider it as the best. So, hopefully we could help :)

Thnks very much! :)

I swear by this pitchshifter, it’s wonderfully lo-fi:

MadShifta is what you need. But in case it isn’t, try these:…1&Submit=Search

Thnks! madshifter was great! :D