Your ASIO Latency


till now I’m using Direct Sound with my SB Live!, too. Okay, my PC is just a p500, so I have to set my buffers to max. But I can get 5ms with DirectSound if I have a low CPU load.

But I’ve got a problem, maybe someone can help me here:

I tried about 7 times to install the latest kx-drivers on my system.
My OS is WinMe…not that I think it’s the best OS but I’m just too lazy to uninstall and install a new one for now. :)
Anyways, the kx-driver recognizes the OS and all but after that I can never load the drivers. While booting I hear a loud scratchy ‘click’ which makes me guess that the soundcard was supposed to be initialized. But then it doesn’t work. I asked the kx-guys once, they couldn’t help me though.

Anyone an idea?


Doesn’t it depend how much pattern data you’ve got going on? I mean, with a very basic song playing at 96 kHz, I can set the buffer size to 8, so a latency of 0.08 ms then. But as soon as I start doing anything with effects or more it kills my computer. So it really depends on the song I’m playing, let alone the fact that my computer is pretty outdated now. I have a P4 1.6 GHz, 512 MB RAM, MOTU 828mkII FireWire.

Right now I’m running at < 1ms. I would think more complex songs would need a bit more latency; instead the more CPU intensive songs seem to perform better (less CPU, and eventually less dropouts) with extremely low latency at 96kHz.

AMD Athlon XP 2500+
Gigabyte GA-7VA
1024MB DDR
M-Audio Audiophile 2496
Win2000, a couple of service packs shy of the current crop of bugs.

None at all, I use MIDI! But admittedly I’m looking into combining vsti’s as well, how do you compensate for the delay with internal sounds & midi signals?

BTW, I’m using SB Live! drivers, and can get around 5ms latency, with an XP2500+ O/C to 3200 (2.2GHz), can go higher, but heat’s the issue!

You can change the delay for each MIDI-Instrument in the Instrument settings. And you can change the delay in Config->MIDI. This will work as long as you don’t want to jam along. When Renoise loops back instruments to a MIDI-device, it takes too long to get a response. And you can’t get around it with the delay settings. There has been some talk about it already and I think it will be considered.

BTW…NOW I have kx-drivers together with my sb-live on winXP and I had a full crush on the drivers and on the soundcard. Only with the drivers you see how powerfull it is actually. Sorry, simply had to mention it. Okay, I get a delay of 23ms though the 500 Mhz are still too low :)

On the other pc I have ASIO4ALL with 23ms on an Athlon 2500+ which also works on high loads.

My post with Direct Sound and 5ms can’t be correct btw… That wasn’t truly 5ms now that I now how it is with ASIO…

Amd athlon xp +3200
asus a7n8x-e deluxe
1024mb 400mhz ram
rme multiface
uad-1 (with all plugins enabled)
win xp pro sp1a

running at 3ms latency.

celeron 700 :o
Creamware pulsar II

Latency: 24 :( not very good

You should increase the latency in the ulli setttings then. Pulsar 2 should reach at least 3 - 4 ms. I run a pulsar 1 with srb 2 at 13 ms.

I’ve got a Pulsar II too…have you guys found a way to get creamware synth output feeding into Renoise, or get XTC mode going with Renoise?

well… I got xtc mode running once I start the computer (Renoise 1.281).
But unfotunately there seems to be a problem with the buffersize management so it comes quickly to the point when renoise locks up.

What I find more annoying ist that vstis which worked well in 1.261 cannot be used and that I end up restarting renoise and resetting the vst plug in path - but this maybe the result of still using Win 98.

It may run perfectly using the xtc mode without plug-ins.

During the beta stages of Renoise 1.5 (no date is decided yet) it would be
great if you guys could test these plugins and provide feedback, so maybe
we can find the problem. If it is in Renoise, of course.

Martinal, thanks for the interest. :) XTC mode in the creamware cards basically wraps the card’s plugins and makes them pretend to be VST(i)s, so they load in Renoise like any other VST plugin (even though they’re doing their processing on DSP chips) - you probably know this. This works fine in Renoise, and they load like any other VST…however the audio output of these plugins comes out unusably scrambled and distorted.

A bit of research determined that to cure this, Creamware cards in XTC mode (and other DSP cards that run fake VST plugins on DSPs like the Powercore and the UAD-1) require a sequencer with “plugin delay compensation” to stop the distortion caused by the delay. This feature is something that Cubase and Logic have, and FL Studio and Renoise don’t…from what I gather. You’re probably better informed on such matters.

but thats only half the thing...Did you try bouncing an xtc line? The only application which is able to do that with xtc plug-ins - as far as I read it right in the forum - seems to be nuendo. Anyway...most cases affect real life - in other words: Dont use xtc…since you could specify every event in renoise and SFP the sfpconfiguration is done quickly. ;)

Yes, I once tried bouncing an XTC line (the multisampling feature in Chainer). No, it didn’t work. :)

Once I get a second monitor happening so I can look at the creamware SFP window whilst using Renoise (without flipping back and forth) and/or Renoise gets audio in or recording in the sample editor somehow so I can record in creamware synths, I’ll be happier with using Renoise alongside SFP.

What creamware plugs do you guys use much of? SPL Transient Designer and the STS-5000 are my favourites, they’re real enhancers alongside Renoise IMO.

well…err… a bit offtopic by now, but those Plug-ins I dind´t use although I was one of the first who bought the sts-4000 (5000 wrent available -at least for pulsar users). But I found the handling of creamwaresamplers very annoying and I don´t use 24 bit files at 96 khz. And the manupulation of samples is much more easier using renoise and think of the timing. Try Anything above 130 bpm and youll get a lot of timingissues note stucks, note hangs and so on. I haven`t tested the transient designer, but nowadays I use samplitude for the final mix.

The Plug-ins I use are mostly synth related eg. the inferno (I love that one) the lo-fi, the prisma, the vectron, sometime the sb 404, the three-o-three, the saturn etc. Sometime I use the delay effects [e.g. delay lcr) which I really like. Perfect or pulsar synths or vocals.

It depends on he project what I use.

Oh I agree, and Renoise is my primary sampler by far - I just use the STS-5000 for real-time timestretching on vocal bits and pieces. Because Renoise can’t do that (not much can), they complement each other well IMO.

If you like the inferno, should probably track down hummel/wavelength plastic if you haven’t already. Another great distorting synth (although it’s misbehaving on my machine at the moment).

I have an pIII 666MHz with 256 RAM and CT4832 soundcard - Renoise only “sees” the default ASIO drivers, but not the better kx ASIO… i also installed ASIO4ALL, but it is also unseen by Renoise.

When i try to go ASIO the winME crashes badly allthough for ex. traktor 2.x works perfectly with the kx ASIO (at 2.66 latency :lol: )
Is there a chance of using kx ASIO with RENOISE>?>??

Kx drivers work correctly on most computers with ReNoise.

People also use asio4all finding it much better.

well i get 5ms latency…
buffersize of 128 samples
runswith a p4 2,8
512 ram
i also use vst pretty frequently…
but with a very lot of it all it my click over 60% cpu usage