Your ASIO Latency

I wonder how many users out there get very low latency. good if you can post some of your hardware too.

mine goes:

XP1700+ o/c 1800+
1Gb DDR266
SB Audigy SE w/KX 3536 drivers
80Gb Maxtor ATA133
Geforce4 MX440 (53.03, Cleartype enabled, 32bpp, 1280x960@75hz)

Windows XP + SP2b

currently doing 21ms comfortably.

On a sample rate of 96kHz and a buffer size of 128 samples I get a latency of ~1ms. On a sample rate of 44.1 kHz and a buffer size of 256 samples I get a latency of ~5ms.

AMD Athlon XP 1800+
Asus A7V333 Raid
M-Audio Delta Audiophile 24/96
1280 DDRam 333Mhz
Running Win XP with latest service packs.

AMD Athlon XP 1800+
256 MB DDR
SBLive! 1024 Value on Kx Drivers
latency - 21 ms but on my most CPU-eating songs it starts to ‘click’.

Pentium 4 @ 2.20 Ghz
768 Mb Ram
Win XP Pro w/latest SP’s
GeFore 3 Ti-200
M-Audio Firewire 410

Using ASIO support @ 96.000 Hz and 128 Buffersize i get down to 3 ms and no audible click or pops. I haven’t tried it with any VST-plugs or instruments yet though, just some of my old modules and that’s fine by me :).
Using the same values but changeing samplerate to 44.100 Hz gets me up to some 5 ms.
CPU Usage at these values is up at around 8% on a 32 channel .XM.

Pentium 4 @ 2.6 Ghz
512 Mb Ram
Win XP Pro w/latest SP’s
GeForce 2
ESI Waveterminal 192M

ASIO @ 44.1kHz produces 46 ms even though I’ve put much work in finding out what’s wrong (cause it should go much lower than this). I can go down to 23 ms but not when CPU reaches ~50% … then it starts to click.

quite a few people getting 20-25ms latency… anyone not satisfied with that? i can’t get it lower myself actually… but i personally find that range pretty acceptable.

it depends mostly on the soundcard.

I had a p3 733 and got 60ms, now I have a P4 3000 and still having 23ms…

the fastest amateur soundcard seems to be M-Audio Delta.

I got a Terratec EWX

pentium 4 @ 1,5 Ghz
256 rdr ram
Win XP pro (tweaked)
Geforce 3 Ti200
Creamware Luna II
Asio Latency: 13 Ms - 512 buffersize @44.1 khz

Pentium 4 @ 2.8 Ghz / 533 FSB
M-Audio Audiophile 2496
1,5GB DDR Ram (corsair cmx cl2, pc3200)
ATI Raden 9700 Pro 128MB
Gigabyte 8inxp (E7205 granite bay)
Win 2K (sp4)

Asio latency: 8 Ms @ 44.1 Khz

P4 2,6 Ghz
1 gb DDR dual channel
Gigabyte 8I875 ultra, chipset INTEL 875P
Soundblaster Audigy 2 Platinum (my weak point…)

latency:05 ms

Btw, to calculate minimum latency you can have:

Latency= Audio buffer size/Sample rate

Ex: Audio buffer size=128, sample rate= 44.1Khz --> latency= 128/44.1= 2.902 ms

I was scared I could not reach low latency with my simple duron 1200+.
But I have a Terrattec EWS 88MT And it works flawless under 4 ms.
I have set the sample rate to 48 and the sample buffer 128.

11 ms here (thought I had 22 and voted that tho :)), but I can’t imagine I’d need anything less. 44100 with 256 buffersize.

AMD Athlon XP 2800+
1.5 GB Ram
Asus A7N8X
Delta 44 soundcard (soon to get company by a Delta 1010)

amd 2,7 with soundblaster live and kx-drivers, this gives me 23 ms. I cant use the 11 ms or it will crackle, but I have no problem at all with 23.

IT: … if i looking at other soundcard-latencies i think the EWX sucks a little bit … the performance isn’t so good, isn’t it?!

i have the EWX too … but at the moment with more than 14 pro VSTi’s instances in one song i can only work with 60ms … on a P4 2400mhz … maybe it’s normal with this number of VSTi’s … and a CPUload of 70-80%

don’t know … maybe a M-Audio card is better??? don’t know … ;) <_<

Audiophile 2496 is very good and cheap soundcard, I’ll buy it as soon as possible (don’t have 1200€ to buy a Power Pulsar… <_< :( )

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This might be a lame question, but I don’t get the hype. As long as the CPU load stays below ~50%, I’m getting no crackles at 5 ms in Directsound mode when with ASIO, crackles appear @ 23 ms so I can only work @ 46 ms (Athlon 1,7+, 768MB RAM, Abit KR7A mobo, SBLive! @ 44100).

What makes ASIO better? Is there any reason why DirectSound mode should be avoided? Is DirectSound performance better just in my case?


EWX is an old soundcard, you can’t expect that great things from it.

Its major weakness, anyway, is the drivers: M-Audio souncards are not that different but have better drivers.

I’m not changing this soundcard only because I hate wasting things that work, but an accident can always occur, as misteriously happened in november to my P3 733… <_< :rolleyes: :)

Are you using VST stuff?
well… either if you use them or not, you’re using ASIO on a SB card, so probably with KX drivers. Soundcards with native ASIO support give better performances, expecially at higher CPU usages (VST usage)

@IT-Alien … ok … maybe you are right … old but not bad - like me LOL … but the sound-quality of the EWX is always great …

Mostly. I use the built-in effects here and there, but I hardly ever use Renoise’s builtin sampleplayer.

I’ve tried KX and ASIO4ALL lately, but the results were worse than DirectSound mode, especially at high CPU loads. At 90% CPU load playback without crackles was impossible in ASIO mode when in DirectSound mode it still managed to run without problems (with latency of 200 ms, but still). I think you’re right - it’s the lack of native ASIO support makes the difference.


you have just about the same setup as me. i work @48kHz and that is the recommended frequency for ASIO in creative soundcards.

you might just need a little tweaking to get your system running at around 20+ms in ASIO. the KR7A mobo is extremely versatile - so tweak via the softmenu and memory settings.

and with the original creative drivers - i get better latency in directsound too. wots up with creative cards…