Your Ears, How Good Are They Still?

4 years ago, testing in school I could still hear up to a maximum frequency of 16500 Hz which I already thought was bad. I don’t know if this is because my shitty sound-card, headphones combo, but with this test:…s-hearing-test/

I can hear the maximum frequency of 14000 Hz (15000 when I crank up the volume to maximum)!! That means I’m missing a whole lot of juice :(

Folks with tinnitus here? :)

When I’m in bed and everything is quiet, I don’t hear just a tone, but a whole fucking chord of tones. It’s irritating me more and more, yesterday it wasn’t as annoying as the nights before though.

I heard that it gets worse when you don’t sleep enough or not in a good shape.

I’m staying away of headphones for a while, I just can’t use them on a normal volume, I always crank the volume up to insane levels.

Forget about the audio tests on that web site.
They are using mp3’s that are know to cut off at high frequencies.
Pretty useless test.

You can get a better test here, that lets you fiddle around with the frequencies in real time:
Use the sine wave form for the listening test.

In my tests I can hear up to about 18500 Hz.

16…barely :(

I sometimes get huge attacks of tinitus.
It’s very disorientating. Suddenly one ear will go quiet and i’ll be swamped in a sine wave.
Other times, everything just suddenly drops off and goes quiet then slowly comes back…
Is that even tinitus or am i a freak?

About a week ago I discovered that with very quiet sounds I can switch off one ear and only listen with the other one. I takes a lot of concentration but it’s sooo weird feeling to control my ears with my mind :o

Get it checked out. It could be something else, and don’t let the info on the web give you a placebo attack ;)

I know I have it, though I have to wait for some time to get it checked out, health insurance here in the States is fucked, I got billed 3 large once for a visit at the emergency room after a seizure, luckily here in New Jersey there’s charity care for folks who don’t have a job and I didn’t have one at the time, so it got taken care of.

my tinnitus is improving, been keeping everything low volume and havent touched headphones in many years… the people that say it never improves probably never have a break for long enough…although I still sleep with the background noise of a fan running - rarely for cooling reasons; just used to the hum, and it’s the psychological thing of having actual control over the sound… kind of like when my nose is blocked, it drives me less crazy to stick a wad of tissue up there so it’s ME doing the blocking… even though its blocked anyway…

From a small test i can hear up to at least 17500 but I think the problem with tinitus is that not only the high frequencies but also other frequencies all over the spectrum are blocked out.

You have a little hair (I don’t know the english word for it) in your ear for every frequency, once one gets overloaded by a loud sound it gets paralized and doesn’t respond to incoming sound anymore, this is where the monotone beep comes from.

So my guess is even though I hear high frequencies, there maybe many other frequencies that can’t be triggered anymore.

Anyone here who knows for sure?

I think my speakers must not work. I could hear up to 18k and just the tiniest shred of 19k at the online test. I downloaded the tone generator and could hear everything. 50,000hz, it didn’t matter. Must be my speakers.

To an extent my ears have had it much easier over the last several years, when I was in my 20’s I spent a significant amount of my 20’s at raves and nightclubs. Also I work in an office environment and not construction / heavy machinery which I think makes a huge impact on hearing. Overall, I’m fairly happy with it. It’s actually my vision that isn’t as good as it could be. I don’t have glasses but I know I could use some. My solution was just to get a projector with 120 inch screen. Problem solved! =)

I got to 19 with my RP5’s. I could FEEL 20, but I couldn’t hear it… like a nasty feeling behind my eyes.

mp3s filter off above 16kHz so that test is pretty useless. Can hear a lot of aliasing on a lot of the examples too (although may partly be the onboard sound of my laptop.)

I know I can hear 15.625kHz as that’s the line frequency of a PAL television set. Haven’t properly tested full extent for a long time though.

The odd thing so far living with it is, I can tell when I’m consciously using my ears. I noticed it a few nights ago whenever I would watch a good film with the works: gripping story, excellent cinematography, original score, sound design, etc. Certain aspects of the film would pull me in and it would psychologically drown out the sound, sort of like being emersed in how a film directs your attention.

Thnx for the link Tronjobb, though in Vista here it just ‘clicks’, like a short sound is being looped (on sinus or the other waveshapes)…

Think I’ll have to go the hardware route to truly test it properly :) .

Amazed at how many people here suffer from (light) tinnitus. Ears are the most important asset of musicians so caution is advised. I wouldn’t crank the volume up on my headphones like I used to years ago.

Also for concerts in the future I’ll be stuffing my ears, a good site to browse plugs:

Speedy J has a severe form of tinnitus, so I still have some hope for myself. :walkman: :wacko:

Im a drummer too, :unsure:
I’ve only recently started stuffing tissue in my ears…dread to think of the damage done from the years of snare rushes.
I’m gonna miss my ears

20 khz. Not that bad i guess. Im surprised because i always thought that my hearing was pretty fricked up…

19 here. I had to load that tone generator on my XP machine though, and you have to turn the volume settings down just a hint and then turn up the volume on your headphones or speakers–if you have the volume on full in that program you hear other noise, it’s strange…

After 19 it was something that made me feel weird but that’s it. I probably played out too many times in bands to hear all the way to 20 anymore. :( I used to be able to hear dog whistles.

Thanks for mentioning that.

One of many results from “speedy j tinnitus” in google search.