Your favourite piece of HARDWARE and why

Thought it would be a great idea to start a thread about each persons favourite piece of hardware that they own and a brief description of why its their favourite.It would be cool if the thread could read like a big list of hardware and descriptions so please if you could just post about your favourite hardware and why,this could be a really cool thread.No software cuz i dont give a shit,not a singular turd!!!If you post about ANYTHING else other than your favourite piece of hardware and why i hope your guts turn inside out and you die a slow and painful death due to blood loss from your internal organs rupturing.Once again just the absolute favourite piece of hardware and why.Nothing else you shitehawks.Il start

My favourite piece of hardware that i own is my 16 channel Mackie Vlz pro Mixer.This is my favourite piece of hardware because its a filthy sounding son of a bitch.The sound is hugely coloured and is so fat and warm.The eq is beautiful and minimal and cuts out all the bullshit,you get Low pass 75hz button,bass,middle and treble with no adjustable q.Perhaps my favourite thing to do on my mackie mixer is to overdrive the channels and re-sample this.Holy cheese biscuits it booms. :yeah:/>

I’d have to say Blockfish is my fav peace of SOFTWARE. It has a real nice sound and a cool UI, the bit where you can take of the front plate is great!

Cool thread man! :walkman:/>

It’s a toss-up for me. I really love my Behringer BCF2000, but I don’t use it with Renoise because I don’t want to have to manually map everything, and Renoise doesn’t natively support bidirectional communication with it. It’s a beast with Live and REAPER, though.

But then there’s the Arturia MiniBrute that I got this April. It’s fun to do analog patch-building with it, and I hope to get some more analog gear so I can use those fancy CV ins and outs. For example, Moog has a theremin with CV outs that I’d love to use to control the MiniBrute.

I’m completely sold on hardware. Software is nice, but hardware has real knobs, faders, and buttons to tease, massage, and fiddle with your hands.

[edit]Oh, and Blockfish is indeed an awesome plug-in. Pretty much everything by digitalfishphones are teh awesomeness.[/edit]

got to be one of my korg monotrons - things are tiny but sound huge and are just amazingly engaging - if i had to choose it’d be the monotron delay… the delay fx is terrible in a truly wonderful way.

I’ve been thinking about getting one of these, but I’d almost rather spend a little more to get one of the Volca synths so I can use MIDI instead of my terrible playing. How are they on battery life?

I have one,battery life is great,now din if u could shut your face and stick to the format that would be great. :angry:/>

For the moment I’d have to say my Electribes, the EMX and the ESX. Very fast and no nonsense boxes, capable of some surprising and very cool results. My old Yamaha RS7000 may have a better spec on paper, but is very cumbersome in comparison to the Korg’s. Plus, I have some Kaoss Pad’s between them, the MiniKP 2 being my favourite (also have the MiniKP, KP3 and Kaoss Pad Quad - all are excellent).

And the mighty V-Synth is still a favourite, capable of some very, very cool stuff - this synth is a classic, man.

My other hardware synths are also great, the Korg M3 in particular is a stunner (the Radias expansion board is totally killer).

Other than guitar stuff, mine has to be my m-audio oxygen 88. Great keyboard, really flexible and full-featured midi controller. I just wish i could play it better and do it justice :3 :D …that will come with practice :yeah: !!

My favourite piece of hardware is my Kurzweil PC361. Not because it is an exceptionally good synth, but because it is the main gear I currently use when composing. All I have to do is press power and start playing. Less is more.

mine has to be “sequential circuits pro one”, it´s been a dream to own one for at least 15 years now. and i finally got one for a decent price and in good condition.
the reason why i´ve wanted one for so long is “neil landstrumm´s - brown by august” album. own 2 lp versions and the cd version of it ^__*



MPC1000. All around good guy. Have to keep replacing the fucking tact switches though… pretty lame. It’s been gathering dust lately because of that. Watch, as soon as the switches get replaced the pads will start having problems.

For over two years I had burrowed a Korg MS-20, but then the owner remembered whom he gave it to… sigh
I loved the raw power coming out of it. And fooling around with those patch cables is just awesome. :walkman:
This is 10 years ago, but I still want one.

my 15 year old nord modular g1 .still going strong

I’m pretty limited in experience with hardware production compared to the lot of ya. But I’d have to say either my Korg EMX-1, or my dj mixer – Korg Zero4.

For synthesis, the EMX-1 was my intro to the concepts, and I haven’t grown beyond it’s capabilities yet. Lots of fun, but my buttons are starting to get flaky! Time to learn about the internals soon, methinks …

I had an ESX-1 at one point, but found the sampler memory to be far too limiting for my tastes, Renoise solved that problem for me quite effectively :B

For effect chain, the Zero4 enables all kinds of fun options, but I find the general sound quality somewhat ‘lacking’. Maybe not ‘lacking’, as much as the sounds seems to be pretty signature… just doesn’t feel sonically versatile. But, that’s what I’ve got, and I do still really enjoy it!

Currently my Harley Benton accoustic. But the neck is quite too wide for my fingerspan,so i’m planning to get one with a smaller neck.

i would have to say my new Moog Sub Phatty. delicious analog sound, and so much fun!

MPK mini
I need to get something like a Octatrack or something though.

I have a friend who has one of these and I’ve played on it a few times. Lovely sound, and quite bitey in a useful way. Great for basslines and arps.

My fav bit of gear at the moment is my dbx 126SL. Just about everything I record goes through it!

Oh yeah, the Octatrack is on my list as well - along with the mindblowing Analog Four

Yeah, jealous. I hope ya quit bothering with all your hardware sampler trips now. If ya have an asrx, that piece of crap, laying around for cheap, i’ll give ya like a couple bucks for it to get it out your way.