Your First "tracker" Composed Song?

I was just trying to figure out which song I wanted to focus on today. I have about 15 all evolving at a snails pace and thought I would listen to some older tunes and then an idea hit me.

Who here would like to share their first ever tracked mod?

Mine was created using DSS. For those of you who do not know, that’s a 4 channel Amiga tracker that was part of the DSS 8 sampler/software package.

Fury and I (original music partner) used to stay up all night as kids and record audio on 6 hour VCR tapes. Horrible quality. Once we started actually composing songs rather than just splicing and suquencing in Audiomaster we had already compiled quite an impressive, random library.

This particular song was labeled “Labor” and the reason escapes me now. Someone else who helped was someone by the name of Brian Johnson who calls himself DJ Eclipse nowadays. He was the one who offerred the scratching sample and there is some other strange backmasking sample that we had gotten from the old MTV liquid television.

Again this is some old shit. Anyone else daring enough to share their first?

Come on, you know you wanna! Would be funny to see how each of us has changed.

Okay enough of my rant. Start sharing.…20-%20Labor.mp3

musicbox (v1.?)

This is the oldest file i can find…its never really been finished, but the amount of time I spent trying (and scrapping) different angles on it, learning the program makes it feel like an entire song to me, even though its just a loop :)
oh yeah its renoise…

my first delvings in electronica were not tracked…or piano lolled for that matter, but hacked up into tiny pieces and reassembled in a wave editor. the first complete song I ever made is the first track on that breakcore set I posted in the music forums recently…

First .mod I ever wrote in Noisetracker x.0 (Amiga)

Not the first trackingmod (which was an oktalyser track, but can’t find it anymore)

The two oldest tracks i could find, i’ve lost the original mods due to a harddisk crash. Both made with Scream Tracker and around ten years old or maybe older, i don’t know anymore which one was completed first.

And now: :ph34r: :D

Nitex - Frequency Distortion.mp3
Nitex - Napalm Attack!!!.mp3

Edit: @vvoois

Any chance to listen to your track under windows? :unsure:

XMPlay should handle it quite nicely.

When i unpack the file i get the following filename: thunder force. Can i change the order of the extension and title?

Edit: Ok, got it working now. Thanks.

it was Protracker on my A600 and a weird tracker TETRAMED on pc.

Rename it to “like_thunderforce.mod” and winamp will play it fine.
It has been archived to be loaded by the Amiga OS.

AmigaOS also allows question marks in the filenames, that’s why one of my mods even don’t unpack unless you manually change the character of the filename inside the archive in a hex-editor.

my oldest released song:
Startrekkin’ forever, late 1992 (a coop with a friend of mine from my town)


I think with the SHAME he probably meanted it’s a spin off of a very well known Amiga module used in a FPS-like vietnam game.
I forgot the name of that game (SHAME)

my very first module ever.
written with protracker in 1993.
enjoy! ;)

I got my first taste of tracking back in the late 80’s seeing my friend play around with SoundTracker on his Amiga (I think the first .mod he played for me was a remake of Dire Straits - Walk of Life, heh), then I started experimenting myself with NoiseTracker on my Atari ST. I was just a child really so of course everything back then was total shit I guess, I honestly can’t remember too much. Anyway, there’s no chance I could ever find the FIRST .mod I ever made as I’m sure the floppy disk it was saved on has disintegrated into dust by now.

But, the first .mod I have surviving physical evidence of is this one (rendered to mp3 for convenience):…ave_mixx_94.mp3

It’s sort of a “remix” of a bunch of old ravey tunes. Quite silly stuff :D

haha. my first song release really sucked bananas!

the lyrics are hillarious :D

well, no…

didn’t know about this module… ?! :blink:

after all it is not a complex song, so there are chances that a similar song exists.

the shame is due to bad tracking technique ;)

this is awesome! i will have to listen to everybody else’s and upload my own later tonight :rolleyes:

I was waiting for the Charlie sample to come in :P! I remember sampling the hell out of the Prodigy experience album.

When I started tracking jungle music I remember studying and disecting the releases of Celsius (Shaper for the uninformed).

His chopped up jungle madness was delightful.

wow trepain, your 1st song has really good bass. lol, my 2 year old son is quite enjoying it, he is trying to sing and beatbox to it :D

alexstrain - musicbox is really awesome. :drummer:

vvoois - wow, this brings back so many memories of the oldschool mods i used to listen to

beatslaughter - hardcore. these sound a lot like some of my early songs!

it-alien - not bad!

keith303 - your 1st song was using chipped, awesome

dblue - this brings back lots of memories too

sewen - can’t get yours to download right :(

here is my 1st track, “la mer est agitée”… done in scream tracker in 1997. i didn’t want the drumloop to be that fast, but i didn’t know how to change the speed of the song, and that was the only speed that fit into 64 rows at the default speed :lol:…st%20agitee.mp3

my first ´real´ (and i think best) track, made with holy FT2

it never got ´finished´ cos i ran out ov sample slots :D bOM!


Please keep your material online, I want to download it this evening. And I will upload the oldest track I can find. My first stuff was done on amiga which I unfortunately do not have anymore…

Well based on that I think you’d better update your forum signature; maybe sounding different since '94 or something :P