Your most common day-to-day note-arranging moves?

I want to be a bit faster in Renoise. Right now I’m using the trackpad a lot, and it feels a bit clumsy. There are a lot of keyboard shortcuts–which do you use most often? What features do you use most often in arranging a song in the pattern editor and pattern matrix? Thanks.

Instead of selecting regions to delete / copy / paste the entire track in a pattern. I often use shift-f3 / shift-f4 / shift-f5.

Another trick- I use shortcuts to change focus to all the panels. This way I can change focus to a specific panel (e.g. instrument settings or disk op) instantaneously without having option-tab / option-shift-tab panel (I’m using a mac) by panel to switch focus.

custom stuff:
A lot of my tools are just there to have handier keyboard shortcuts, I’ll just post what I got for that
Ctrl+G: Group Selected Tracks
Shift+W: AwesomeSawce
Shift+E: Overtune
Shift+S: AutoSelectInstrument toggle on/off
Shift+D/V/P: PushBack Delay/Volume/Pan column…
Shift+O: Set Track Output Delay in Sublines… (from LayDee tool)
Shift+Z: SliceNExact…
Shift+X: PDub (double the pattern length & copy)
Shift+C: ReMaster slices (copy properties like txpose from sample #1 to others)
Shift+F: Insert FX… from SirDancelot tool
Shift+M: MetaMicro…
Shift+G: Instrument Mixer… (plus lots of keypresses)
Shift+K: Layer All
Shift+,/.//: Note Solo to the left/all/right
Alt+,/.//: Extend selection to the left/all/right
Numpad+/-: SelectOrAdd from AutoAddNewInstrument
Shift+Alt+1: Load Recently Saved File #1
4: Toggle Show all/no parameters in mixer of current device
BestViews tool: F5 Maximize&Focus Disk Browser, F6 Show/Hide Upper Frame (&activate handiest tab) F7 Lower Frame, F8 Toggle Both Frames
NumPad Zero (0) sets edit step to 0
NumPad Period (.) sets edit step to Lines Per Beat
NumPad 3 sets edit step to 4*LPB
RAlt for Play & Loop Pattern

otherpeoples tools:
PlayPlusPlay Song From Start: Ctrl+RCtrl
PlayPlusPlay Looped Pattern Sequence: Alt+RCtrl
Convert (Selection in Pattern) Instrument: Alt+NumPadEnter
EditStepTweaks; edit step lines down/up: NumPad2/8
wanna make a keyboard controllable Rotate Pattern…

regular nontool shortcuts:
It’s really handy to learn these:
Alt=Selection, Shift=Track, Shift+Ctrl=NoteColumn, Ctrl=Pattern
with these F1/F2 is transpose 1 down/up, F11/F12 octave down/up, F3/F4/F5 cut/copy/paste
So I have set Alt+R to render selection to sample, Shift+R to render track to sample, etc.
Alt+Q/W/A/S/Z/X and Ctrl+B/E to select stuff
I have the 1 (one) for solo, and A for mute. It’s the best.
Shift+A for toggle mute note column
F to show sampling (recording) window
Jump to next track in PE: NumPad4/6
Jump to row #0/16/32/48: NumPad1/7/5/9
Go Up/Down in Sequencer (in subset Pattern Editor): PgUp/Dn
Ctrl+NumPad Slash/Asterisk halves/doubles edit step
is chord mode here and Ctrl+ is metronome
Alt+Collapse/expand track and Ctrl+Alt+ Collapse/expand group
Oh yeah and still one of my most used shortcuts is Ctrl+, for the Preferences window

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edit2: forgot Ctrl+G, duh
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Thanks both of you :slight_smile: I will try those out.

Let me know especially please if the SirDancelot tool works out for ya, and if you’ve got any suggestions for it. It definitely saved my fingers from a lot of wussy trackpad stroking :P. (direct download)