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I recently signed in to Apple Music, and I love it. I haven’t tried any streaming services like this before, so it’s all new to me. I don’t really buy that much music, and the $10 a month always seemed a little bit too much. But with Apple Music, I use the Family plan, and all 5 members of my family can now access it for $15 - that is something that sounds like a good value to me, so I will for sure continue after the free trial period ends.

Anyways. I spent some time today trying to find music of some of my favourite people from Renoise forum, but came up almost empty handed :frowning: I like to listen to your music, and if I can at the same time make you some money, then that would feel great! :slight_smile:

So, if you have your music on Apple Music, please post links. I will sure add it to my playlist! :slight_smile:



My understanding of Apple Music is that artists must be represented in some way by a label or distributor.

Apparently you can ask to get around this:

Bottom line, though, is that most of us making music with Renoise are likely not hooked up with a suitable aggregator.
We can happily distribute stuff for free using SoundCloud, MySpace, ReverbNation, and if we want to sell something there’s Bandcamp. And this can all be done for free, something that works well for those without a sales & marketing budget.

I do happen to have some stuff on CD Baby but it’s on some free plan, and I’m pretty sure I don;t get any sweet distribution for it.

Yes, I know it involves aggregators, but those aggregators are not that expensive to use. $25 for a whole album to be included in lots of services (not only Apple Music, but also Spotify, Google Music, Amazon MP3, etc). I’m currently in the process of submitting my album to one of them. Once my album gets through, I will let you know what was the experience and whether there are any hidden fees or other unpleasantness like that.

The aggregator I chose is It’s listed on Apple website.

All these streaming services are maybe good for promoting music but it’s not for making some money for smaller or unknown artists.

I would prefer bandcamp only … Apple & Co. or the labels will be richer and richer - musician get nothing - that’s the sad present and even more the future.

just my 2 cent

I would much prefer to be on Pandora or something similar where there’s a better chance my music will be brought to the attention of folks who might like it.

As it stands, being on Apple music (or Spotify) would likely do little for me because no one is actively seeking out my tunes. “Pick your own playlist” means people keep listening to the things they already know about.

Less useful for the unknown artists.

I have to agree that the “pick you own playlist” model in Apple Music will probably result in my music not being heard by anybody. Unless there is somehow a way to get on their playlists, or get included in their recommendations based on the preferences you set. However, so far, all the music that is being recommended to me are known and quite popular artists. I haven’t seen anything completely new yet in my recommendations from Apple. Same goes for those “Apple curated playlists”, although to be honest I haven’t tried too many of them yet.

If the way it works is that people have to search explicitly for your name or your song name, then indeed this is going to be bad for unknown artists. (Unless you choose titles that are similar to popular songs, but that’s just stupid).

However, I still think there is potential in music streaming. If they can make it easier to discover new music, this can actually be a really good thing for new musicians. It’s much more likely for people who are already paying a fixed monthly amount to try to listen to some new music, than for them to spend $1 or more specifically to hear a tune from some unknown artist. It’s not going to be big bucks for sure, but if it lets you earn enough money to pay for the next Renoise license once your current one expires, wouldn’t that be cool? :slight_smile:

Here’s some of my work:

first time I tried Apple Music now, glad to see that some of my tracks are on there, though I don’t think I will be using this service much… too used to Spotify, which I think has come a lot further than Apple on both functionality and GUI. But hey, I’m sure Apple will improve as they go too… :slight_smile:

Hi, you can find my stuff by searching for my name : “speh”. Got 3 deep/atmospheric dnb tracks on it (everything is done with renoise of course ^^), hope you like it :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing, guys!

DistroKid looks great. I’ll keep that in mind as I get some stuff ready .

I also found this:

Has anyone submitted stuff to Pandora?

EDIT: So I went to the DistroKid site, was curious, but couldn’t fins answers to questions right away. I figured I would create an account and then see what my options were.

After you give them an email address and arrange a password you are asked for a credit card. Since I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do I just ended it right there.

The next day or so I got an email from DistroKid, noting that I had not completed the account process. To entice me back they offered a 34% discount. I ended up going for the 2-band account for ~$20.

I have no idea if they do this with everyone who aborts the account creation process.