Your Top 5 Favourite Songs

I don’t know whether there already is a topic about this, but anyway. In your reply to this post, show the name your 5 favourite songs of any genre not necessarily made with Renoise (instrumental or vocal) in the order of first to last. Also mention the artist after each song, preceded by a hyphen. If possible, please give a link to a preview of your top favourite. Ok, here are mine:-

  1. Beep Street - Squarepusher (live video here, sound quality isn’t as good as the actual mp3)
  2. Szamar Madar - Venetian Snares
  3. Hit The Decks - Cirrus
  4. Vache - Venetian Snares
  5. Hotal California - Eagles

You can also violate the rule and post more than 5, if you want to. In fact, you can violate any rule. No problem. I just want to see your favourites thats it.

Thanks! :)

Try to find out the best 5 from that 30.
Or you can just violate the rule and post all of them. No problem! :)

Ok, post all of them.

Partyraiser & Scrape Face - Harder Dan De Rest
Dj Mad Dog - The time Machine
Dj Mad Dog - Dangerous
Angerfist - Stainless Steel
Neophyte - Recht Uit De Ondergrond

Jeckyll & Hyde - Frozen Flame
Brain NRG - Ben Je Bitch Nie!

Not all list))))

in no particular order, or maybe a little… but anyway, this turns me on:

Sergei Prokofiev - 1st String Quartet, Op. 50
The Doors - The End
The Manhatten Transfer - King Porter Stomp
Venetian Snares - Die Winnipeg Die Die Die f****ers Die
Herbie Hancock - New York Minute
Line 47 - Love to Hate
Rage against the Machine - Hadda been Playing on the Jukebox
Edward Elgar - Concerto for Cello, Op. 85
Bob Dylan - Maggie’s Farm
Aphex Twin - Nannou
Cab Calloway - Who’s Yehoodi
Amen Orchestra - 16th Wave
Kaneel - Le Petit Train Normand
Yasunori Mitsuda - Melkaba
Hendricks, Lambert & Ross - In Walked Bud
Björk - Hunter
Aleksi Virta - Whirlwind Pistol Dub
Gorillaz - Ghost Train
Squarepusher - Anstromm-Feck 4
Richard Wagner - Der Ring Des Nibelungen
Gabriël Rios - Broad Daylight
Ludwig von Beethoven - The 9th, yes…
Asian Dub Foundation - Crash
Primus - Tommy the Cat
and so on and so forth…

Ultimately hard question…

But anyway:

  1. Necros/FM - Point of Departure, Mindspring, Tangerine Fascination, Dirty Walk - can’t decide between these.
  2. Marillion - “Clutching at Straws” - actually it’s an album, but all of the songs are tightly bound to each other, and can be treated as one IMO.
  3. Brandon “obScene” Goins - “Stillborn”
  4. Tower of Power - “Keep Coming Back”
  5. Vangelis - “Reve” (from “Opera Sauvage” soundtrack)

Not really all the songs I totally love, just a random choice.

Argh, Tower of Power, ofcourse!! Yes, this is what makes these topics dangerous:
the songs are always stuck in your head, till the moment you want to write down their names.

Listen to the whole thing here.

KAy… I LiEk Snares! ALL fiVE(5) of tHem!

(Sorry, feeling rather tired and grumpy)

Mine are not necessarily listed by order of which I think is best. These are some of my favorite songs. 5 was entirely too short and I feel guilty not adding dozens more here…

  1. Squarepusher - ‘A Journey to Reedham (7am Mix)’ from ‘Big Loada’ (Warp (WAP92) (1998)

  2. Joy Division - ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ from ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart EP’ (1980)

  3. Circle Jerks - ‘I’m Alive’ from ‘VI’

  4. Slayer - ‘Angel of Death’ from ‘Reign in Blood’

  5. Death - ‘Spirtual Healing’ from ‘Spirtual Healing’ (1990)

  6. Egyptian Lover - ‘Egypt Egypt’ (1984)

  7. Black Sabbath - ‘Sweet Leaf’ from ‘Master of Reality’ (1971)

  8. Iron Maiden - ‘Revelations’ from ‘Piece of Mind’ (1983)

  9. Frederic Chopin - ‘Waltz No. 1 in E-flat Major, Op. 18’

  10. Al Di Meola - ‘Race With Devil on Spanish Highway’ from ‘Elegant Gypsy’ (1976)

  1. The KLF - Last Train to trancentral
  2. RMB - Redemption
  3. Keith303 - No Mellow
  4. Guitar Slinger - Jogeir Liljedahl Last.FM - Info
  5. The Prodigy - Smack my Bitch up Ifilm

This changes daily… right now I’m repeatedly listening (and dancing like a little girl) to:

Skeewiff - A Little Spot Of Soul

An ever changing list, so a better question would be what’s making so much of an impact that it’s influencing me right now?

1 - Alex K. Redfearn & The Eyesores - Choreboy And A Blowtorch
Sort of weird folky accordian based stuff using off-kilter melodies, with strings, drums, guitars and loose but excellent vocals.

2 - Unexpect - Chromatic Chimera
Progressive metal with heavy classical, industrial and folk influences. There’s seven of them in the band; a versatile female soprano, some geezer on nine string bass, a violinist, a keyboard player, a drummer and two guitarists who also provide a massive amount of vocal harmonies and heavier styles.

3 - Kid Carpet - Nelson Street Space Invaders
Simple, silly electronic music using kids toys, crappy keyboards, plastic 4 chord guitars and sings into a Fisher Price tape recorder with a heavy English accent. But it’s awesome.

4 - Hala Strana - Streets Of Raised Platforms
Mellow, low-key instrumental music using a wide variety of acoustic instruments and light electric guitars. Beautiful without being cheesy and has this strange old, timeless feel to it.

5 - Ion Dissonance - O.A.S.D.
Technical extreme metal. Heavy use of syncopation and time signature switching as well as the occasional polyrhythm. Manages to still recognise the importance of riffs while being chaotic as hell and repeated listens reveal an incredible overall groove.

Merzbow- everything!!!

La the darkman- City Lights

skinny puppy- morpheus laughing

Dom and Roland- Imagination

Tech itch- hellness

Black Flag- My War

Any old crust punk- especially nausia and code 13

:drummer: :yeah: :drummer:

LOUIS! youre back!!!

good to see you are still around bud! :D

gosh i dont know how to answer this question. ive been tracing the history & roots of abstract dance music & drug oriented music. (in general) so i have alot of new favorites, problem is i plan to remix most of them so if i say anything it would be stupid of me!!
my favorites usually change weekly but for new stuff. i’m really feeling the dubstep, kode 9, loefah, skream, digital mysticz, burial, timeblind, everything & anything with warrior queen & space ape on it, keeping my ears peeled for some new & good nsf, an 0=0.

My top 5

In random order:

J-Dilla - Mash
Worst Band in the World- Working on it
Herbie Handcock- Chamelion ( From the Headhunters EP)
Madlib- Left on Silver Lake
Seba- Shapeshifter

I made a list on earlier topics so I don’t wan’t to do It again, It’s too hard anyway.
but thank you marc for giving me a new RMB song I only knew Spring and Reality (and the great Unreality version)

about Smack my bitch up…This is one of this songs that I can’t hear enough.
Even after hearing this tune million times, I always get that get up and dance, energy explosion and why didn’t I made this song, feeling.