Your Top 5 Shortcuts?

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Nah just kidding. My fav short cuts is no doubt in no particular order:

F1 - F8: Different display layouts. Using this a lot.

Ctrl+X,C,V for clipboard functions.

Numpad 1 - 9 to select the first 9 presets, and + / - to increase / decrease the presets.

Ctrl+Tab to switch between different modes.

INS / DEL to insert / delete.

These might not be my most used, but block begin / block end (command-b command-e) was a relevation because it works so much better for column selection within tracks than most of the other block selection methods.

Another relevation track cut copy paste via F3/F4/F5 is really handy for editing on the fly without stopping song playback playback.

Another relevation - focus keys for a each view (e.g. diskop, pattern editor, instruments, etc.). Why these aren’t mapped by default is beyond me, because the option-tab/option-shift-tab navigation between different frames is not ideal.


apart from all the given obvious ones, this is my most non-default used shortcut (if not my most used shortcut altogether):
Ctrl + < & Ctrl + Alt + <, convert instrument numbers

Arrow key left
Arrow key right
Arrow key up
Arrow key down
very useful in the pattern editor :D

Ctrl+K i sample editor is also nice. New slice.

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zero-sample-jamming: F5, F11, double click, 1, enter.

other stuff… #1 i think will have to be the Shift/Alt F3/F4/F5 cut/copy/paste stuff (and F1/F2/F11/F12 transpose!)
i even remapped the render shortcuts for this (ctrl-R: render pattern; shift-R render track; shift-alt-R render column etc - thanks for this btw i believe it’s new in 2.8 right?)

o yeah. double & halve the edit step. still have to clone this tool i made to all the renoise installs… AND. figure out why 64 is max! it gets tough with a 32 LPB :P

F1-F8 for the views, although I don’t use them beyond 5 much, mouse is quicker then?

having RAlt for the pattern loop toggle makes sense… gonna try that. Better yet. build a quick tool that would behave like the block loop shortcut (edit: see sig). should be a more feasible tool to make quickly than e.g. a full-fledged tool for no-sample jamming (who cares btw?)

ctrl-M for midi binds

also since I finally figured out which ‘missing black keys’ translate to empty keyboard letter keys I now have
1 for solo
A for mute
4 for the ‘F2 pattern editor’ addon
\ for tempo tap

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numpad - , = edit_mode+followpattern+patterneditor+cursorfocusonpatterneditor global key for toggling record+pattern follow on/off and quickly transporting you to the pattern editor for instant note input
shift- numpad + = delay column +1
shift- numpad - = delay column -1
capslock = custom noteoff toggle, 0CF to pattern editor, or multiple noteoffs backtoback
numlock = 0B00 (reverse on/off) direct to pattern editor selected column.
shift-numpad 0 = duplicate current pattern to current patternsequence

and cmd-, for preferences->keyboard settings :)

One I use every 10 minutes or so:
CMD+ALT+SHIFT+R = Render selection to sample


Oh yeah. ALT-TAB = move through the different sections. Very handy!

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curious… delay column visible that is, not the actual value right?
also you have to share the code for that numpad- script

Get to work, clock in, get back home to sleep.

delay column value +1/-1 +10 / -10.



JOKE! ;)

(btw. it´s maybe the only shortcut that enables a normal life… :lol: )