Your Top 5 Shortcuts?

Some of these I learned, like, yesterday by reading Jonas beat tips. What the fuck I’m an idiot. Years wasted.

So without further ado, post your top 5 shortcut combos, where #1 is your favourite. Or, ignore the format and post hidden gems?

#1 Global: Pattern Follow:

#2 Pattern Editor: Edit Step:
[CMD+1, CMD+2, … CMD+8]

#3 Pattern Editor: Continuos Paste!!!

#4 Pattern Editor: Jump to row 0,16,32,48
[F9, F10, F11, F12]

#5 Global: Increase/Decrease Octave:

Bonus Mac User tip: F Keys On Mac Not Working

I’m a big fan of Street Fighter or any game that maximizes

the limited amount of buttons available through combinations

and giving the user the freedom to configure those combos.

Probably my most utilized in Renoise is copy, cut, paste, begin selection, end selection.

I’ve globalized them for the Pattern Editor, Sample Editor, Automation.

copy - number pad 1
cut - number pad 2
paste - number pad 3
begin selection - number pad 0
end selection - number pad Enter

I’d consider that team #1

Everything else follows that same philosophy of grouped combos,

I try to make all shortcuts single buttons as much as possible, much much easier to remember in my mind.

Even Render Selection to Sample is a single F12.

The great thing about shortcuts is that for the most part its in sections, not so much globalized, but you could globalize them if you want to.

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Block loop - Bound to ~ key in my case
Play row - Enter
Transpose note/octave - Alt/Shift/Ctrl-Shift + F1/F2/F11/F12
Copy/Paste of course :)

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Ctrl+C (copy), Ctrl+V (paste), Ctrl+P (continuous paste), F9 (move to first line in pattern), F11 (move to middle line in pattern)

Sample editor -> copy selection to a new sample slot [ctrl+ arrow down]

block loop -> tab

increase/decrease blockloop -> ctrl+ (Numpad+) ctrl (Numpad-)

set editstep -> ctrl + numbers

various type of selection -> alt + q or e or a or s or d

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Add track - Ctrl + T
Sub strack - Shift + Ctrl + T
Switch between pattern view and mixer view - F1 and F2
UNDO! - Ctrl Z
Continuous Paste - Ctrl + P

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For me, more like

UNDO! - Ctrl Z
UNDO! - Ctrl Z
UNDO! - Ctrl Z
redo… - Ctrl Y
redo… - Ctrl Y

Not really a shortcut, but a mouse action + modifier key combo has become my favorite building songs since the matrix has appeared;

select tracks in the matrix you want to clone using the mouse while pressing ctrl to highlight them, next click your selection until a little icon underneath the mouse pointer appears, press & hold ctrl + shift and move the line that appears, underneath the patterns where you want the new, cloned tracks to appear. Release the keyboard keys, voila, magic :)

Standard favorites & most used are all the selection, copy & pasting stuff, home & end to jump to pattern start & end, F keys to jump to divisions or shift view presets and I also use the edit step shortcuts a lot (ctrl+1 to x).

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1: Control+Z: Undo!!!
2: Escape: Edit!!
3: Space: Play!
4: Control+C: Copy.
5: Control+P: Repeated Paste…

up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, down, up, down, up.

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Mostly using these global keyboard shortcuts: XRNX MoreShortcuts-Beta1

My shitty laptop has no number keys! Btw good post.

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step edit
CUT! (Renoise’s delete) / copy / paste
octave up / octave down
pattern follow

Imaginary Renoise Native shortcuts that would hit my top5 shortcuts:

  1. Expand
  2. Shrink
  3. Exponential Curve fade in to current track’s volume
  4. Exponential Curve fade out to current track’s volume
  5. Record+Follow toggle on/off
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I actually realised I don’t like that shortcut the other day. If you use Ctrl+S you do not get the “Overwrite Existing File” dialogue (think I missed shift and hit it instead of Shift+Ctrl+S at the time.) That and enabling Autosave I think it as much of a godsend and saviour as repeatedly saving manually ;)

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F1, F2, F3, F4 ect… setting up presets of my most common workspaces have saved me so much time.

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Ctrl + X C V cut/copy/paste block
Ctrl + A select all
Alt + T select track
Ctrl + I interpolate block
Ctrl + L logarithmic interpolate block

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Toggle pattern loop - Right Alt - (this is the first thing I change on a fresh install)

Block-loop enable/disable - Return - (doubles as “start playback from block”)

Various useful selections - Alt (+ Shift ) + T / Q / W / A / S / Z / X -

Cut/copy/paste selection - Ctrl + X / C / V -

Continuous paste - Ctrl + P

Edit: I completely forgot about pattern follow, another top-5 candidate :slight_smile: