Your Top 5 Synths To Use In Renoise

well the title says it all

what are your top 5 synths to use in renoise

just samples / patterncommands & dsp effects/vst for me. Occasional freeware stuff sprinkled on top, last used: lazysnake, synthX, helix etc

do you have a link to that alpha 3 free??NEVERMIND FOUND IT

NI Massive, ABL2, Peach, Toad, Drumatic

I grew up in the 70s / 80s so I tend to be a fan of the older stuff.

My top 5 would be Rob Papen Blue, Arturia MiniMoog, NI Pro-53, NI B4, and probably Trilogy even though its not technically a synth.

I’ve also found that Addictive Drums works quite well with Renoise, especially if you manually program your beats and adjust the pattern volume to make it sound more natural.

Oh forgot to add Lounge Lizard, love that one too.

i myself havent really started using any synths in renoise yet,have only used effects so far but heres a little top over some effects i find good

compressive pro
wave mechanic

and some of the jack dark stuff

massive and trilogy.

and the draw tool altho i dunno if you would even call it a synth, but i guess you could in a way.


absynth, vanguard, sometimes octopus.

Arguru’s Voyager
Arguru’s Voyager
Arguru’s Voyager
Arguru’s Voyager
Arguru’s Voyager

The only bad things about using it are that Renoise’s routing doesn’t allow you to use the built in Vocoder, also the attack envelopes seem to operate on a logarithmic ramp (if that makes any sense) meaning sounds with slow-ish attacks need to be triggered a couple of notes early while they converge* away from silence.

Apart from that, it’s the dog’s bolex.

  • = whats the opposite of converge, anyway?

will check it out,yes lets hope the routing features in renoise gets some attention

I’m sorry to say that OLGA isn’t even close to my top 5


well i didnt make that synth,i just thinks its a nice synth thats all

lol don’t mind me, I was just being ugly there

Zebra 2
vember audio surge
Asnth ( from anti at smartelectronix …simply amazing freeware )
fabfilter twin (actually all fabfilter stuff)
Augur (and again from anti at smartelectronix …simply amazing freeware )

I am constantly rendering, so the source doesn’t matter to me, but I like to use FM8, Massive (sometimes), z3ta+, and as of today, Zebra2. Not workout anything useable from Zebra yet…

I just spend my time manipulating samples though. I record stuff with my mic, smack the shit out of it with fx and make tracks.

I dont need the arp features of any synth as I can program it with Renoise, so I dont bother.

My music is not that great though (it is great. I am just playing it down for effect)

I share datassette’s love for Arguru’s Voyager. One of the best sounding synths ever! Amazing bandlimited oscillators, great filters and powerful modulation options. And I really love the GUI; it puts everything right in front of you; no bells, no whistles.

There are two problems with it though: it takes some time to initialize (and with several instances in a song, it gets too much) and velocity to amplitude doesn’t work.

So, because of these issues, I also use Vember Audio Surge. It’s close to Voyager’s versatility and well beyond in many areas (fx most notably). The sound is not as sweet as Voyager’s though but it makes up with other features.

If Voyager ever becomes open-source (please, please, please!!!) I’d be among the first to join the team and help make it perfect.

Sadly the developer was in a fatal car accident last year :(

Sytrus (There’s nothing you can’t do with it)
Oatmeal (<- read about it a lot, but never downloaded it. Just played with it for a few days now, and it really is sort of nice)

…i keep coming back to one: Sylenth1, and i can’t wait until the big update arrives :dribble: :w00t: :dribble: