Youtube channel dedicated to the best tracker music ever

Channel is dedicated to tracker music:MOD/S3M/XM/IT.
Music made with small puters, but great minds were involved.

Mankind produced 288.000 mods in total.Almost all of them are pure crap.
Just 0.88% worth your attention.You can find these gems here.

Pattern newbie? Experienced MOD addict? Tracker dinosaur?
I can guarantee, that here you’ll find something you never heard before and it will blow your mind.

What was done to make all appointed stuff happen?

  1. modarchive/modland/traxinspace were totally out-pressed
  2. private ftp’s were juiced too
  3. old connections used to get hands on exclusive stuff
  4. all these gazillion mods were preselected in a multiple-pass manner




Changed the description and updated link to more convenient.

Yesterday i was blocked by ugly g. So no mods anymore.

I was permanently banned on all ugly g platforms.
So there is no yt channel and tracker base anymore.
Countless hours or work were sent to trash bin.
This is what is happening when you are messing with monopolistic corporations.
Don’t trust your information to them.

Ultimately, here is the download link to the best mods ever created by mankind:

~700Mb of compressed joy.
Also there is a mirror on my personal web-page.

Hope that someone will appreciate this collection.

Archive update.
Removed some dupes and junk stuff.

Why did the big G boot you off dare I ask?

Suspicious content. They not bother to explain in human language.


Thank you, that’s some collection!

Very much appreciated.

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Wow, I found about 8 of my songs there (and one twice - in two formats). Thx.

But anyway - I prefer to have full collection, even something you call “crap”. Famous “MODS ANTHOLOGY” contains over 10 000 modules (MOD/S3M/XM), so your collection may be big, but not “ultimate”. It’s just your choice, subjective. Lot of work, I’m sure, and thanks for sharing, but people may like other songs, even if you think these modules are crap.

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That’s not even close to “ultimate”. I’m surprised that you seemingly don’t know this if you’re interested in MODs. More than 160000 Amiga MODs and of course it’s still growing. But Amiga only, no PC stuff.

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I was talking about collection released on CDs.

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Omg, it is XTD!!! Yeaah, maan, this is so cool!

Could you point out dupes?

100% agree on that fact that i’ve expressed my subjective opinion. But think that i have kind-a-special-taste.

I know this resource, but can’t say that i’ve listen to all stuff there. Modarchive, traxinspace, modland were used. I’ll be grateful if you provide some best mods from appointed site.

“Experience” - original format was MOD (multichannel mod), but you have also XM (probably converted by someone). Delete XM and leave MOD format (original).

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Get it! Thanks

Me neither. Maybe you’ve listened to more stuff than me. The last time I was regularily listening to Amiga music was 15 years ago, so it’s been a while.

I’m a little bit different when it comes to Amiga music, because I prefer the AHX stuff and similar, which sounds almost like a SID. But of course I also love the typical Amiga cracktune and demoscene sound. I could list a lot of tracks, but that would also take a lot of time. So let me throw some names instead. You should definitely check out the stuff from Geir Tjelta, Manfred Linzner aka Pink, Thomas Mogensen aka Drax, Jogeir Liljedahl and more.

Here are some single tunes I really appreciate:
Geir Tjelta - A New Beginning
Geir Tjelta - New Song
Jazzcat - Electric City
Pink - Cruisin
Jogeir Liljedahl - Nearly There
Mem’O’Ree - Sleeping Waste

In the past I made tons of´C64 and Amiga music compilations on audio CDs. Maybe you want to check out these tracks (random scene tunes, no cracktunes):

From these tunes I would recommend Beyond The Horizon by Mystra, Sunjammer by Radix, Tussu 10 Special by Chipper, Sweet Love by Griff or my favorite of this compilation, Underwater Journey by Note. Of course you can find everything on Amiga Music Preservation.

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Still works very nicely: Releases · sasq64/chipmachine · GitHub

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@spacedrone808 Thanks for the share! :+1: I like this selection a lot, and there are many of modules I didn’t hear before. :open_mouth:

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Hope we can improve it by adding missing modules.

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Hey there!
I appreciate the effort that went into the collection.
But i agree - far more than 288.000 MODs have been made ofcourse.
Aminet is also a good resource when it comes to MODs. Some of which might not be available anywhere else.
Personally the Amiga tunes i liked most were those well-made <100kb ones which did not sound like chiptunes.


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