Z effect, suboptimal behavior

-Zxx - Trigger phrase number xx (01 - 7E, 00 = no phrase, 7F = [keymap mode]

Not sure if it’s a bug or intended. If you try to trigger a phrase that doesn’t exist by using the Z effect, the last phrase will be played (math.max). I think it would be better if notes with such Z effects were omitted/silent.

A practical circumstance where this messes up workflow:
I’m using phrases that are split into chord voices to C notes, and guide them with a chord track where Z effects are automatically pasted. When having a four-voiced chord in the ‘chord track’, but using three phrases, the two top voices will both be triggering the last phrase. It would make more sense if it was omitted (let Renoise try to play the phrase you’re actually telling it to, and be quiet if it fails).

Otherwise you have to do the slightly ugly thing of always inserting an empty phrase as the last one. What do you think? Is the ‘math.max’ behavior really useful in some way?