Z3Ta For $20


found this over at kvr… thought some of you might find this interesting ;]

Z3ta for $20:


if only Z3ta+ didn’t have an unbelievable horrible interface…
(at least it was like that when it was made by RCG:Audio, but I doubt cakewalk has done anything but buying the product as-is)

edit: seen the screenshot. indeed it’s the same as before

Thanks for the heads-up, it`s probably worth the 20$ if you are only gonna use the presets, off to test.

edit: demo on this page


They send me DXi link only - ?

Stupid ordering system. First I got an error that prevented me from doing anything, got an error that told me to contact another company to get a key for something. Now when I try again I chose a wrong continent purposely (for fun) :D but I can’t change it back anyway and now it’s stuck in a session cookie, what is up with choosing continent and not just a country? so lame, if it wasn’t because I’d like this thing I’d defintely just leave this shitty fuck alone.


its a bit tricky…

Hey Pilot, thanks for letting us know :)

It’s just a stupid filename, the VST is in there too as you must have found out :rolleyes:

I finally got it after having to change my unacceptable Danish surname, they should really consider updating that store.

Hey man, give us a link to your music!

They have some free stuff aswell, like Square I…


wow, i didnt know that you can load it as a vst effect - i like eq and distortion

How the hell am I as a european supposed to order this :blink:

edit: found it… pffff

try U.E.C or similar, i dont remember, there is a separate option for all europe union countries

just change region at the top of shop page

Renoise fails to initialize the plugin when I select it in the instruments tab…
…Ableton Live doesn’t even see the plugin :(

bought it… worked great :D

now i just gotta learn how to make noises… :unsure:

I’m running 64bits vista, I’m afraid thats the problem

:dribble: :dribble: :dribble: WE HEART NO-BRAIN SHOPPING!!!11one0N3oN3 :dribble: :dribble: :dribble:

Ok got it working, installed the 32-bits version ^^