Zebra -> Render do sample

Using Zebra (latest version) rendering to sample does not work. It only renders a very short click and a lot of silence. Any ideas? Renoise 3, OSX 10.9.

I’m not sure what could cause this problem as Render To Sample works fine for me in Renoise 3.0 using Zebra 2.7 as a 64 bit VSTi under Win7. Unfortunately, I have no OSX machine to test the AU version.

It’s a zebra glitch. Uhe made a build especially for Renoise to fix this, and it’s posted on here somewhere, but I’m having trouble finding it. Will post link when I find it.

Here ya go, install that: http://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=396288&start=15

Ah! Thank you, sir - much appreciated :)