Zebra2 Automation

When I use U-he Zebra 2 as an instrument, I don’t see any automation items I can use. Is this normal? Even if I assign knobs to X-Y controls, still nothing.

not normal…
i got the demo here.
you should see a list of all parameters in the vsti automation device (check that you selected the correct plugin -> “linked plugin” at automationdevice)

tried to re-install zebra?

I’m using Zebra 2.5 beta. Maybe that’s it. All the automation items show up in Live, not sure why they wouldn’t be in Renoise. Maybe I’ll go back to Zerba 2.3 and check.

Using Zebra 2.5 beta 9 (registered) here, all parameters are shown correctly in the automation device.

Yeah, I’m registered to. I also have the Uhbik plugs and they are fine. I’ve tried the VST and the UA plug. I’m on Mac OS X 10.6.1. Maybe that has something to do with it.