•zensphere• neurogenic twits [v1] •swamp psytrance•


got a new psy tune more or less complete. tried a bunch of new (to me) techniques in the sound design for this one. All native renoise dsp, adventure kid waveforms, and a couple of singen0.3 generated fm sounds. All the percussion I’ve synthesized as well.

feedbackand constructive criticism is welcome! lmk what you think!


Terrific tune, wet and shiney!
Enjoyed the drop around 2:10 alot.
The tempo change around 3:35 is great!
Alot of interesting percussions, drips, drops, and clangs; fitting for the times.

Nice, like it, thanks for sharing!

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thanks for the feedback, and for listening @Jek!

glad if you dig it. ya, had some fun making transitions between sections in this piece. definitely can give drop a lot more impact to lead into it/build up before it