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Hey all,

spent the past several days getting all my old tracks up and running with cover art on bandcamp. have a listen if you like! most of these tracks (13/22) were made in renoise. The earllier stuff, reason.

hope you find something you enjoy!

thanks for listening, and for being such a great community. renoise is :metal:


apparently not, lol. no idea what you’re getting at, but, thanks, i guess?

edit: this^ was in response to a now deleted comment.

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I wouldn’t waste a micro-second of brain power on what ever oblique reference or point that he is trying to make. Just move on.

sometimes people forget that the purpose of communication is to be understood


Awesome. I love the sounds you come up with. Weird cool stuff.

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Thanks, bruv! Glad if you enjoy :upside_down_face:

Great music. You mentioned that you used Reason in the past. I’ve discovered the joy of using the Reason rack as a VST in renoise. It’s providing the best of all worlds.

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Hey, thanks for listening! Glad you like!

I tried out the reason rack vst/reason 11, but was so cheesed off by the piss-poor midi implementation that I decided not to fork over the $ to reason studios. I used to be a very dedicated consumer of their products, but got pretty disillusioned by their whole ecosystem after a while. They killed their user forum and seemed to just reorient their marketing strategy towards making as much money as possible off newbie musicians without real regard for their dedicated user base. They’ve got some lovely synths, despite the ever more antiquated feeling skeuomorphic UI. I adore parsec especially and would have paid the $120 happily for the use of that (and Grains) alone if the freaking control parameters were adequately labeled in the midi control implementation like pretty much every other plugin ever. Just seemed lazy and cynical on their part, so, fuck em. I got synplant and loom2 instead. no regrets :upside_down_face:

That said, glad if you’re having a good time with it! The modulation & routing capabilities are super fun and creativity enhancing, for sure.

I had no idea there were such great tools. Synplant and Loom II look amazing. If you don’t mind me asking, what does a typical song workflow look like for you?

I really like your musical style. It’s less harsh than Infected Mushroom, but with some of the same vibe. Related - who are some of your musical influences?

I don’t see any reason to continue with Reason. I was just using it for simple things that are easily replaced with a good loop library. I used to experiment with CV routing and modulation, but felt limited by its sound design capabilities.

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Wow, lot of awesome stuff just to mention some “mudgugs”, " ghillie suit", " deathbeanz".
Great and good listening trip into the weirdness! Thx you :wink:

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Thanks @cerkit & @Same_Freaky_Sound! I appreciate the listen and the good vibes :upside_down_face:

These days I make pretty much everything from scratch, percussion elements included. I’ve made xrnis for kick drum generators, snare drum generators, and hihat generators, which I dial in to taste, resample, and process using renoise dsp. Sound design is a big part of psy styles, so a lot of energy goes into sonic experimentation along those avenues. Every sound is more or less unique (sometimes I’ll reuse an instrument in another track), and generally built up from single cycle waveforms (adventure kid ftw) or white or pink noise, processed with native dsp, often heavily modulated in the instrument effect chain using macros and a doofer to modulate them with keytrackers and lfos.

Composition is its own kind of process, and is mysterious to me, so I’m not sure how much I can say about it, other than that I try to feel into the music and listen for the sounds and energies I want to feel/hear.

Then I just keep working on it til I either lose interest or finish the piece. Lather, rinse, repeat. Of course there’s a lot going on technically, but you all know that :slight_smile:

Umm, for psy stuff I like kindzadza and psykovsky, atim, txubaka, and a bunch of others. I actually don’t listen to much psy. A lot of world music, some classical, tipper, krimma, jade cicada, whatever. Aphex, autechre, & squarepusher were all big influences back in the day and I wrote idm and left-field breaks for a long time before psy got a hold of me. Basically, I’ll listen to anything if I think it’s good.

Thank you for the detailed response. It took me a while to catch up. I’m just an experimenter and hobbyist. The more I learn about making music, the more a realize that I’m just at the beginning and that I’ll probably never be as good as I want to be because I divide my time between different hobbies depending on the mood I’m in. Thanks for the list of music, I’ll check it out.

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new tune up :slight_smile:
have a listen if you like. All renoise, all the time :upside_down_face:
I like how the last section turned out in this tune