•zensphere• - on my way to the 9th town of ghosts

new one! 100% renoise dsp

lmk whatchu thank :badteethslayer:

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I liked it.Some nice ideas in there but not developed further.You should try to rearrange it a little bit.Mix sounded pretty good.

this feedback is almost useful… anything specific?

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I think it would sound better in a higher bpm.All those bips and bleeps must be shorted out somehow and find its way through the song,i cannot explain it further its up to you to figure out.

I think the tempo is perfect. Listened with the phone only and it sounds great. Maye it’s a bit too long. Will listen with speakers next time.


Thanks! Yes, these tracks tend to run long… such is the nature of trance induction :wink:

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The slow bpm is intentional with the aim of theta range neural oscillation entrainment.

I don’t think your feedback is particularly constructive, but then again, I haven’t heard any of your music…

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I gave you my honest opinion.Now about my music i havent posted any yet cause i haven’t finished a single track :disappointed_relieved:.That is because i havent any music theory knowledge and i am trying to figure out things on my own and dont have much time either.Anyway check 2 tracks i am working on but are on very early stage

i dig this a lot only comment about it roll off a bit of the highs in some of your synth sound and effects to much activity in the mid high - high freq
but i like the tempo and the song structure and its really good :slight_smile: