Zero Latency With External Hardware Effects


maybe i have to post this into the “idea and suggestions”? i don’t know

i own 2 effects processors, a lexicon and an alesis, and these racks just rocks!! fantastic reverbs and special effects…

i need to use them inside renoise, just as any other vst effect… and to to so, and to avoid any latency caused by the fact that audio is sent to hardware and then re-routed back into renoise, for now; i’m obliged to apply delay on every channel sent to these racks, after the send module… this method can easily become a pain in the ass whith songs using hundreds of tracks…

i think this method could be much simpler with “negative delay” module, just to compensate latency. or simply some “in/out” native module.

am i missing something? does renoise own this tip, just as many other daw like reaper, cubase etc? or is it just a lack of renoise?


There is per channel delay setting which can go negative. I think this might work for you, but you do have to manually set the delay.

this can do the job, but i still will have to place a delay (positive) after the send device…
i’m talking about this kind of delay setting, but into the line in device or something similar… something to negatively delay the audio flux, and not the sample trig