Zerobeat Live

check the vid…we are a duo using renoise for the foundation of everything happening here. these are two new tracks in the works…“sonic warfare” and a cover of “welcome to violence” from base force one on praxis records. every renoise update means more capabilities for pushing the limits of what can happen live!!!

Hey cool cession here, lots of crazy guitar / drums effects, ; I particularly like the 3:24 crazy part, it looks like a UFO language, the final part after 6:26, very exciting and powerfull !

You mean that you use Renoise for your chains, effects, and live setup mixes ?

yes!!! if you could see close on the laptop screen, you would see a renoise file scrolling away. we each have renoise running on our laptops synced together via midi. sound/kit changes, efx, and parameter modulation are all programmed in so it will trigger while we play.

You’re music is wonderful, makes me want to Sufi twirl. If you come to Philadelphia can I play music before you guys play your set? I use renoise live too.
Thank you

SUFI TWIRL!!! i love philedelphia…i had a chance to dj some hardcore/breakcore there many years ago. good times…had a cheese steak. we are just getting started…playing out since may of this year. if you can get us in phili sure as hell we’ll play w/ you.