ZhuBlue's Tunes

Been making a lot of game music and figure I’d post more here to see what you guys think.

Made with Skolskoly’s sound fonts and the Abakus’ Russ Davies percussive packs I got by taking his online music class.


World 1 Environment 9 is inspired by Forest of Illusion in Chrono Cross


W1_10 Reminds me a little bit of Disasterpeace’s progressive rock chiptunes.


W1_11 is inspired by Holy Ruins song in Final Fantasy Legends III

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Nice tunes my friend is it all Renoise made?If so could you tell me how did you achieve the sound?Reverb ,delay routing etc…

W1 09 is wonderfully moody. always into game music stuff :slight_smile:

I used a lot of the basic synths from Renoise itself, like squares, saws, sin waves, and I used Tal-4 Reverb free plugin for a lot of my wet reverbs, and the native Delay filters for a lot of stuff.

I also use OTT (Over The Top) Compressor, or Camel Crusher to beef up synths or sounds with distortion.

My Bass I used Skolskoly’s sound fontz with the fretless, slap, or pick basses. For W1_10 the trickling noise I used delay columns that stack like a reverse pyramid, where it trills 4 notes, 3 notes, 2, 1, then 1 note with one extra space, and so forth.

For a lot of my Drums I used Russ Davie’s drum sample kit, but find any good kick or snare that is punchy and you can do effective things with it =].

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Hey guys, posted my new game album for Breakneck: Emergence here:

Check it out and be sure to look at the song art I did for each one!

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