ZhuBlue's Tunes

(Zhu) #1

Been making a lot of game music and figure I’d post more here to see what you guys think.

Made with Skolskoly’s sound fonts and the Abakus’ Russ Davies percussive packs I got by taking his online music class.


World 1 Environment 9 is inspired by Forest of Illusion in Chrono Cross


W1_10 Reminds me a little bit of Disasterpeace’s progressive rock chiptunes.


W1_11 is inspired by Holy Ruins song in Final Fantasy Legends III

(stoiximan) #2

Nice tunes my friend is it all Renoise made?If so could you tell me how did you achieve the sound?Reverb ,delay routing etc…

(milkyheart) #3

W1 09 is wonderfully moody. always into game music stuff :slight_smile:

(Zhu) #4

I used a lot of the basic synths from Renoise itself, like squares, saws, sin waves, and I used Tal-4 Reverb free plugin for a lot of my wet reverbs, and the native Delay filters for a lot of stuff.

I also use OTT (Over The Top) Compressor, or Camel Crusher to beef up synths or sounds with distortion.

My Bass I used Skolskoly’s sound fontz with the fretless, slap, or pick basses. For W1_10 the trickling noise I used delay columns that stack like a reverse pyramid, where it trills 4 notes, 3 notes, 2, 1, then 1 note with one extra space, and so forth.

For a lot of my Drums I used Russ Davie’s drum sample kit, but find any good kick or snare that is punchy and you can do effective things with it =].

(Zhu) #5

Hey guys, posted my new game album for Breakneck: Emergence here:

Check it out and be sure to look at the song art I did for each one!